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Posted: 2 June 2005. Updated: 11 October 2010

The ADI group comprises four bodies working to end the suffering of animals: Animal Defenders International; the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS); the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane research; and the Animal+World Show.

In addition the group organisations are responsible for, or involved in a range of campaigning coalitions: Animal Defenders International co-ordinates the International Network for the Protection of Performing Animals and is also a member of the Species Survival Network. The NAVS co-ordinates the Responsible Science Network; the Lord Dowding Fund is a member of Focus on Alternatives.

Animal Defenders International

ADI Mission Statement:

Founded in 1990 Animal Defenders International (ADI) has grown into a major international group educating and increasing public awareness of animals suffering for entertainment, especially in circuses; helping to create awareness of worldwide traffic in endangered species; providing information on vegetarian and vegan diet; information on animal experiments and their replacement, as well as funding non-animal scientific and medical research.. We also rescue animals in distress, including lions, tigers, primates and others. We also produce educational materials for schools on animals and environmental issues.

ADI investigators work undercover to obtain evidence, film and photographs of animal suffering and potential illegal activities which we release to the public and media to draw attention to the plight of animals. Where appropriate, we also produce detailed technical reports on animals used in industry, including scientific, legal and economic research together with recommendations. We work with officials and legislators as requested, providing research and information. Our evidence has been used by authorities for successful prosecutions in cases of animal cruelty.

Our evidence of animal suffering and technical reports have been used by legislators and officials all over the world to draw up regulations and legislation to protect vulnerable animals – in Europe, South America, Central America and Asia.

ADI supporters include American TV star Bob Barker, Corey and Suzi Feldman, Bill Mahr, Sir Paul McCartney, Jorja Fox, Kim Basinger, Belinda Carlisle, Wendy Turner Webster, Michaela Strachan, Benjamin Zephaniah, Jenny Seagrove, Mark Radcliffe, Brian Blessed and Twiggy.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society

NAVS Mission Statement:

Millions of animals suffer and die in cruel, unscientific, and futile experiments. Our objectives are to awaken the conscience of humanity in all parts of the world to the iniquity of experiments or processes causing suffering or distress to living creatures and to obtain legislation totally prohibiting all such experiments, and the breeding and supply of animals for such purposes. Pending the achievement of this aim, we may support partial measures which would provide steps towards the replacement of the use of animals in research.

Founded in 1875, the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is the world’s first and still leads the campaign against animal experiments, working , tirelessly since its inception to expose the cruelty and futility of animal experiments all over the world.

We organise and fund educational films; undercover investigations of laboratories; produce detailed scientific reports for MPs, MEPs and the public. We also provide free educational materials to schools and universities. Through the Lord Dowding Fund, we fund non-animal research, using advanced scientific techniques. Our photographs and video footage from inside laboratories are used throughout the world.

Our campaigns have put an end to some cruel animal tests, and replacements of others – we have ended the requirement for A-level students to dissect animals in schools; enabled university students to refuse to use animals in their studies, and provided them with alternatives; helped to persuade governments and drug companies to abandon cruel safety tests such as LD50, the ascites tests and restricted others; the end of cosmetics testing in the UK and Europe; bans on the use of chimpanzees; programmes to end the use of animals in higher education, particularly pharmacology teaching; we have persuaded more and more companies to drop animal testing of their products.

Against a wall of secrecy and vested interests, we are succeeding in our campaigns against the needless suffering of laboratory animals; with your help we will win.

The Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research

Lord Dowding Fund Mission Statement:

The objectives of the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research are to support, sponsor, and fund better methods of scientific and medical research for testing products and curing disease, which replace the use of animals. To fund areas of non-animal fundamental research which lead to the adoption of non-animal research methodology.

To work to fund, promote, and assist medical, surgical, and scientific research, learning, and educational training and processes for the purpose of replacing animals and living creatures in education and training for medical and scientific research. To promote and assist any research for the purpose of showing that work on animals is harmful or unnecessary to humanity.

Founded in 1973, the name of the Fund is in honour of the Battle of Britain’s Air Chief Marshal Hugh, the Lord Dowding, a past President of the National Anti-Vivisection Society. To date, the Fund has awarded grants in the region of £3 million to researchers working on a wide range of fields including sophisticated computer technology, microsurgery, toxicity testing of dental fillings, breast and lung cancer, product safety testing, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, cot deaths, cataracts, kidney research, cell culture, computer-aided drug design, biotechnology, brain damage, computer teaching packages which replace the use of animals in education of students at school and university level.

The Animal+World Show
An environmental and animal awareness show with numerous exhibitors periodically staged. The last show at the Novotel Exhibition Centre, London was a non-stop three day show with something for everyone - from a film festival to an internet café - from fashion and cookery to ethical banking; all under the same roof with leading speakers from the world of politics, industry, animal and environmental campaigns. Previous venues have included the Barbican, Earls Court, and Westminster Central Halls.

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