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A summary of ADI activity over the years

Posted: 26 July 2012. Updated: 28 July 2015

2013 – brutality at lab monkey dealers Biodia and Noveprim exposed; European cosmetic testing ban becomes law; beagle breeder plans blocked once again; circuses in Peru tracked down ahead of enforcement of wild animal ban; bans secured in Colombia, El Salvador, Panama and Croatia; further regional bans won in Ireland, Norway, Spain and the US; A Swedish circus ends use of wild animals after ADI footage released to media; exploitation of chimpanzees at Schwaben Park in Germany revealed by ADI; launch of No Fun for Elephants campaign against elephant rides and performances in the US; ADI plays role in ending breeding agreement between Oregon Zoo and Have Trunk Will Travel; Lion Ark premieres in London followed by film festival run in the US winning multiple awards and critical acclaim.

2012 – 4,000 owl monkeys saved as trapping operations exposed by ADI in Colombia stopped; in new EU legislation governing use of animals in research, a commitment to end capture of wild monkeys secured and system of official ‘thematic review’ beagle breeder expansion plans successfully blocked; Greece bans all animals in circuses six years after we launch campaign; British Government promises wild animal circus ban; Bobby Roberts convicted of cruelty to Anne the elephant exposed by ADI at the circus’ winter quarters; local town and city circus bans secured in Ireland, US, UK and elsewhere; elephant ride victories across California; bullfighting banned in Bogota, Colombia; Vision Express announce ethical animal policy following meeting with ADI.

2011 – the conclusion of our mammoth Operation Lion Ark as 25 lions are brought back to health at the ADI compound and then airlifted to sanctuary in the US; our footage of Anne the elephant being beaten and chained shocks the world, and results in her being handed over to a safari park and a prosecution case; MPs vote unanimously for wild animal circus ban during backbenchers’ committee debate, following ADI mass lobby; Out of Control report illustrates that UK inspection system proposed is unworkable; Peru bans wild animals in circuses; US bill to ban wild animals in circuses – the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, HR 3359 – unveiled in Congress; footage of Water for Elephants star, Tai, being beaten and electric shocked during training at Have Trunk Will Travel launched; as a result, local county fairs begin pulling out of offering elephant rides

2010 – major investigation of 30 fur farms in Finland launched in Finland, the UK, Italy and France – materials produced in English, Finnish, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian and French; European Directive 2010/63/EU on the use of animals for scientific purposes passed and our campaign for how it will be implemented into UK law begins; response of Defra consultation on use of wild animals in circuses finds an overwhelming 94% back a ban; ADI launch ‘One Giant Leap Backwards’ which makes scientific case against use of monkeys in space experiments – NASA project to use squirrel monkeys cancelled; Break the Chain campaign initiative to build network of US animal advocates launched; Unnatural Acts circus video launched in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Brazil; Orlandito and three other capuchins, trapped in the wild illegally, are released into the Colombian forest; Operation Lion Ark, during which ADI seized all the animals from Bolivian circuses with the authorities, begins

2009 – as Europe decided new rules for animal experiments, ADI launch our response to their proposals in six languages as well as a major and comprehensive investigation of the international primate trade ‘Save the Primates’; victory as the ban on animal circuses is brought into law in Bolivia and the Austrian ban is upheld following challenge by the circus industry; ADI expose horrific abuse of elephants at the Great British Circus; whistleblower circus campaign launched in Italy, Spain and Germany; wild animals in circuses banned in Portugal; first animals rescued from Bolivian circuses – four lions and a Hamadryas baboon – as well as three macaque monkeys from a major European laboratory.

2008 – ADI launches “manifesto” of demands following introduction of European Commission proposals to replace Directive 86/609 on animal experiments; ban on great apes and wild-caught animals announced – a major achievement and the result of years of campaigning; bill to ban animal circuses in Bolivia approved; new circus DVD and report launched in Brazil; series of press conferences to launch Stop Circus Suffering USA take place in Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York; ADI helps rescue Kodak the pet primate from Greece.

2007 – Written Declaration 40/2007, calling a European ban on the use of Great Apes and wild-caught primates, launched on World Lab Animal Day and campaign mobilised to secure its success; also launched on World Day, our US campaign to ʻGet chimpanzees out of laboratoriesʼ; REACH came into force, with estimated animal death toll slashed by millions as a result of our ʻKeep animals out of REACHʼ campaign; Stop Circus Suffering launches are held in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; ADI makes submission of evidence to the Academic Panel of Defra’s Circus Working Group – its resulting report is contradictory and inconclusive, and large amounts of evidence are ignored.

2006 – launch of campaign to stop primate tests in Europe; Animal Welfare Act passed into UK law – ADI continues to lobby the government to bring in circus ban; exposed lab animal suffering inside the Institute of Neurology in London and at a monkey dealer in Spain, the doorway to Europe for macaque monkeys from Mauritius; our two-and-a-half year circus investigation in South America comes to a close, in readiness for 2007 launch; lions Sarah and Caesar and tiger Tarzan rescued by ADI from a Portuguese circus and given sanctuary in South Africa; launch of Greek circus DVD backed by 50 Greek animal welfare groups.

2005 – ADI highlights the case of Anne the elephant, the last remaining elephant in a UK circus; Stop Circus Suffering launches take place in Portugal, Norway and Ireland; in the UK, nearly 300 councils now have animal circus bans in place; My Mate’s a Primate campaign launched, to highlight the plight of their exploitation for meat, the pet trade, for entertainment and in experiments; first International Primate Day held; ADI provide funding for cages to rescue six tigers from an Indian circus and to care for four capuchin monkeys released from a laboratory in the UK.

2004 – launch of Stop Circus Suffering video, featuring undercover footage from the UK, Europe, US and South America; in the UK, the video is unveiled and presented to 10 Downing Street and in Chile a big top is erected in the capital Santiago; ADI prepare a response to draft Animal Welfare Bill; opinion poll shows 63% of UK public think animal circuses should be banned; field officers follow circus trainer Dicky Chipperfield to France where we expose him hitting tigers during training.

2003 – Toto the chimpanzee rescued by ADI from a circus in Chile and relocated to renowned sanctuary Chimfunshi in Zambia – we had exposed Toto’s plight in 2002 when he was found chained by the neck and living in a packing crate; our investigators filmed in circuses throughout the world, in preparation for the next phase of our international campaign; animal dealer Riccardo Ghiazza and his company African Game Services convicted under Animals Protection Act – ADI provided massive financial support for the case which South Africa’s NSPCA brought after 30 infant wild elephants were captured in Botswana back in 1998; joint NAVS/ADI report highlighted horrific suffering in labs in India.

2002 – ADI investigators monitor UK animal circuses and find that, since 1997, the number of circuses with exotic animals has plummeted from 20 to 4; at a local level, ADI continue to persuade local authorities to ban animal circuses from their land – to date 124 have banned all performing animals and 54 wild animal acts; findings of our foie gras investigation in France released and survey of outlets undertaken; ban on wild animal acts in Costa Rica as a result of ADI video; attended CITES conference in Chile to fight proposals to reopen the ivory trade and lobby for circus animal “passports”.

2001 – foot and mouth disease meant that few animal circuses toured the UK but our campaigning activity continued; we pressed for circuses to be drawn under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (ZLA) as well as a complete ban on the use of animals; our Ugliest Show on Earth report and video becomes key lobbying tool for campaigners in Singapore, who secure a wild animal circus ban; the campaign to free Rhanee continues

2000 – Rhanee tracked down to zoo in Spain and we began negotiations to try and secure her release; former Chipperfield employee Tom Rider blows the whistle on elephant cruelty whilst circus on tour in Europe; 250,000 signature petition calling for ban on animal circuses presented to Prime Minister; 472 local authorities surveyed on their animal circus policy; “Spotlight on Suffering” circus campaign video, featuring celebrity interviews, launched; ADI went undercover at London’s prestigious Birdcage restaurant; findings of investigation of four UK mink farms, five turkey slaughterhouses and an intensive turkey farm released; staged 3-day Animal+World Show in London; hub of multi-million pound business supplying animals for entertainment, Croft Farm, put up for sale by the Cawleys.

1999 – case against the Cawleys opens in January; magistrate finds Mary Chipperfield guilty on 12 counts of cruelty relating to Trudy the chimpanzee and Roger Cawley guilty on one count relating to Flora the elephant; both are fined and Trudy is handed over to a sanctuary; ADI presented with special achievement award for outstanding work to expose the abuse of elephants in circuses by US organisation Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS); circus campaign extended through CITES lobbying network; education packs widely distributed to schools nationwide

1998 – complete 18 month investigation of thirteen UK and five European circuses and launch “Ugliest Show on Earth” report and video – the following month we began legal proceedings against Michael Stephen Gills, Mary Chipperfield Cawley and Roger Cawley; police charge Gills with six offences under the 1911 Protections of Animals Act, and he is jailed for four months.

1997 – ADI join Species Survival Network and attend CITES conference in Zimbabwe to lobby on the identification of animals and the strengthening of controls on the movement of circus animals; attend political party conferences, distribute briefing papers and organise screening of our “Circus Madness” video – supporters also lobby their MPs.

1996 – 7.3 million viewers tune in to a special “Here and Now” programme based around ADI investigation of the permanent quarters of Circus King, Chipperfield Enterprises and Mary Chipperfield Promotions; Gerry Cottle pays ADI legal costs for failed action to stop distribution of “Circus Madness” poster; ADI team secures the rescue of every animal with the Akef Egyptian Circus – three tigers, six lions, an African python, five dogs and three horses – in Mozambique.

1995 – ADI promotes campaigns on recycling and live exports; 3-day Animal World Show held at the Barbican; “Stop Circus Suffering” campaign bus tours the country.

1994 – ADI investigators bring back devastating images from the Monte Carlo Circus Festival; first Animal World Show in Westminster attended by thousands; badger unit at Hydestile Wildlife Hospital funded by ADI; animals in entertainment campaign highlights use of animals in movies, TV and advertising; Stop GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) campaign launched.

1993 – “Circus Madness” campaign launched; ADI investigators secure first ever video and photos from inside a circus winter quarters in the UK.

1992 – ADI calls for ivory ban to be upheld at CITES meeting in Japan (the ban was upheld); new “Circus Madness” poster makes waves – Gerry Cottle threatens legal action to stop its distribution.

1991 – Writing competition for school children on “Why wearing fur is wrong"; anti-bullfighting campaign “Less than a fighting chance” launched; Gerry Cottle (of the circus of the same name) tries to sue ADI.

1990 – ADI launches with a range of educational materials for schools; Actress Hayley Mills joins picket of the World Fur Centre and TV presenters Chris Packham and Amanda de Cadanet deliver letter of protest to 10 Downing Street; campaign to end the use of animals in circuses, and “Ugliest Show on Earth” report, launched.

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