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. Updated: 18 September 2012


Jan Creamer is President and co-founder of Animal Defenders International, based in the US, the UK and Colombia (founded 1990). She is also the Chief Executive of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, and the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research a post she has held since 1986.

Jan previously worked for the NAVS as a magazine editor and regional campaigns officer, speaking to schools, in the media and public events, a post she held from 1982. Jan joined the NAVS as a supporter in 1975, when a local NAVS organizer handed her a leaflet in the street, following the exposť of ICIís smoking tests on beagle dogs. This was a life changing moment.

Jan has worked undercover and filmed and photographed inside laboratories, animal dealers, factory farms, slaughterhouses, circuses and other establishments all over the world. Using false identities, hidden cameras and elaborate cover stories, she has tricked her way into an international laboratory dealer and left with a group of beagles that the dealer was sure were heading for experimentation. Holding her nerve and biting her tongue, Jan has gathered evidence in the most inhospitable of circumstances. Her photographs and video have been used in the media internationally and gathering the evidence is a core component of ADI and NAVS campaigns.

With ADI Vice President and NAVS Campaigns Director Tim Phillips, Jan plans and coordinates the teams of undercover field officers who work deep inside animal industries gathering evidence. In South America, ADI was undercover inside the circus industry for two years moving from country to country. The findings shocked the entire continent, with the investigation leading to bans on animal circuses in Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador, and with legislation moving forward in Colombia and Brazil.

In the UK, NAVS investigations of the use of animals in laboratories exposed the fast tracking of primate permits; illegal killing methods that got a laboratory licence suspended; exposed the trade in primate supply. The groundbreaking ADI investigation of the use of animals in travelling circuses was a world first, producing the first-ever cruelty convictions which spawned bans on animal circuses all over the world, from Asia to South America, to the US, UK and Europe. In the US, ADI investigations exposed the suffering of animals in travelling circuses across the nation, providing the evidence of suffering used to launch a bill in Congress for a ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.

Jan plans and co-ordinates the huge education and awareness drives that gain the public support that ultimately turns our work into corporate ethical policy initiatives, public policy changes and legislation to protect animals. Jan has spoken in the media all over the world as well as addressing public meetings and conferences Ė able to speak first hand of the animal suffering she has witnessed and the need for change. Her writing on these issues has also been published around the world. Outreach programmes range from mass distribution of information to guerilla advertising campaigns such as giant animal images from investigations projected onto buildings and other awareness strategies.

Ultimately, ADIís aim is to create lasting change that will end animal suffering. Jan, Tim and their teamís hands on approach has led to a huge number of successes.

Jan has spoken in parliaments and congresses around the world and been involved at drafting and securing legislation and regulations at local/city/municipality level, national and federal level and even through international treaties, impacting many countries. Jan has created and co-authored the many technical reports for regulators and legislators that ADI and NAVS produce; taking the view that it is not enough to provide evidence of animal suffering, but it is also essential to provide legislators and officials with the legal, economic, health and safety and social impact information they need in order to take action.

A campaigner who is as comfortable educating and lobbying in the corridors of power, as setting up a covert operation to gather the vital evidence necessary to protect animals.

Under Janís leadership, NAVS and ADI achievements have included restrictions on the use of animals in specific areas of research, such as cosmetics testing and use of primates; new international rules to clamp down on cross-border movement of circus animals; elimination of animal use in school examinations; funding of computer programmes to replace use of animals in university education; prosecutions of animal abusers; exposure of illegal practices in laboratories; European Parliament call for a phase out of primate use in laboratories; national bans (full or partial) on the use of animals in travelling circuses in over 20 countries; hundreds of local town and city bans on animals in circuses in the UK, Europe, United States, South and Central America and the Far East.

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