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Lion Ark at the Hawaii International Film Festival

Posted: 15 October 2013


We were delighted that Jorja Fox was able to join us in Hawaii at the weekend to introduce the first two of our Lion Ark screenings at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

All went well on the Saturday however during the second screening on Sunday, calamity struck as with 25 minutes of the film to go the movie theater (and indeed the whole block!) suffered a power failure halting Lion Ark in its tracks!

Jan and Tim jumped up for a great Q&A with an incredibly patient and good natured audience but it was impossible to resume the film.

A free screening has been rescheduled for 10:45am at Koko Marina on Friday, October 18th.

Next stop on the film festival circus is Fort Lauderdale.

  • For details of upcoming screenings and to watch the trailer visit the Lion Ark website

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