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Special appeal from Moby to help stop the lion killers.

PLEASE WATCH, SHARE, AND SUPPORT THIS IMPORTANT APPEAL FROM MOBY. The past 18 months has seen a massive escalation in poaching attacks on captive lions in South Africa, with more this year than in the whole of 2016, including three attacks in the Limpopo region (where our lions live) in the last month, leaving seven more lions dead. In 2015, there were no media reports of this type of attack. This year, the epidemic came to us with the callous murder of our beloved José and Liso. Sanctuaries and privately owned lions are seen as soft targets - we believe the only way to stop the killing is to SHOW THE KILLERS THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT. Our ADI anti-poaching unit is working to provide as much support as possible to the South Africa Police Service and the local Endangered Species Investigating Units, which are working to stamp out these crimes. We urgently need your support to catch the killers and get justice for José and Liso, turning the tide on this terrible epidemic. PLEASE HELP. PLEASE GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN - THIS IS A WAR THE ANIMALS CANNOT AFFORD US TO LOSE.

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Animal Rescues

Having secured and helped enforce an animal circus ban in Bolivia, saving all of the animals, ADI return to Latin America to assist the authorities in Peru and Colombia. Over 100 animals have been rescued during Operation Spirit of Freedom with 33 lions heading home to Africa.

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