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Animal Defenders International

Born To Suffer

BORN TO SUFFER – monkeys at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre in the Netherlands. Caught on camera by ADI at Europe’s largest primate facility: animals scared and chased into crush cages; sedated but still conscious monkeys twitching and wincing as they are tattooed and tested; animals with painful injuries from fighting and anal prolapses, the stress of their unnatural environment and the procedures they are subjected to taking their toll; workers showing little respect for the helpless monkeys, singing and dancing around them. ALL THIS BEFORE THE EXPERIMENTS EVEN BEGIN. Their suffering, and that of tens of thousands of primates bred for and used in research worldwide, will only stop when the experiments stop.

This International Primate Day, 1 September, please take action to save the primates »

Animal Rescues

Having secured and helped enforce an animal circus ban in Bolivia, saving all of the animals, ADI return to Latin America to assist the authorities in Peru and Colombia. Over 100 animals have been rescued during Operation Spirit of Freedom with 33 lions heading home to Africa.

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