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Dominga gets her storybook ending!

After travelling hundreds of miles over the Andes mountains, from the small zoo she had lived in for years, the ADI team loads Dominga for a boat ride along the Madre de Dios River and then she is released into her new enclosure. Spectacled bear Dominga lost almost all of her fur due to stress after her sister died. Her new life starts in ADI’s care at Taricaya Ecological Reserve today, next door to Cholita (another bald bear rescued by ADI). PLEASE SHARE HER STORY!

ADI urgently needs funds to care for the animals we rescue, including bears Dominga, Cholita, Lucho and Sabina - CAN YOU HELP? EVERY LITTLE BIT MAKES THE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE FOR THESE ANIMALS.

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Animal Rescues

Having secured and helped enforce an animal circus ban in Bolivia, saving all of the animals, ADI return to Latin America to assist the authorities in Peru and Colombia. Over 100 animals have been rescued during Operation Spirit of Freedom with 33 lions heading home to Africa.

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