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Help secure the British circus ban!

Help secure the British circus ban!Please help secure the promised ban before the next election and urge your MP to back Jim Fitzpatrick\'s bill which has its second reading on Friday 17 October
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ADI offers to help rehome wild animals from British circuses

ADI offers to help rehome wild animals from British circusesAhead of the anticipated wild animal circus ban promised by Government, ADI has offered its expertise to help rehome animals currently touring with circuses in Britain, should their owners be willing

Don\'t leave home without our new fur resource!

Don\Help alert designers, retailers and shoppers of the pain behind products featuring real fur with our new \'Is that fur real?’ card.
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Lion Ark - latest news

Lion Ark - latest newsKeep up-to-date with the latest news and where Lion Ark is being screened worldwide.

Operation Spirit of Freedom – ADI Rescue Mission in Peru

Operation Spirit of Freedom – ADI Rescue Mission in PeruFind out about ADI’s upcoming rescue mission to enforce Peru’s ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.
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Bovine TB and badger cull

Bovine TB and badger cullThe Coalition Government is pressing ahead with the pilot badger cull in England. Please help us oppose the needless slaughter of our native wildlife.
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Anne Investigation - Bobby Roberts trial

Anne Investigation - Bobby Roberts trialRead more about our investigation of Anne the elephant, the trial of her previous owners Bobby and Moira Roberts, and ADI's UK circus campaign.

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