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Stop Circus Suffering U.S. Launch

Posted: 30 July 2009. Updated: 9 August 2012


In just one week, we crossed the U.S.

We launched our Stop Circus Suffering campaign in four major states, unveiling the findings of an exposé of the U.S. circus industry. We were joined on the campaign trail by West Wing and CSI actress Jorja Fox, hip hop artist Remo Conscious, model Susie and actor Corey Feldman (Lost Boys, Goonies, and currently hosting their own new reality show). Other celebrities including Alicia Silverstone and Kristy McNicholl are also backing the new campaign.

[Pictured] Jorja Fox stands holding a bullhook, as used in the training of circus elephants.

View our launch gallery.

Our new DVD and report incorporate undercover observations of nine U.S. circuses. Violence caught on film includes an elephant being beaten to the ground and kicked in the face, electric shocks being given to elephants and a tiger cub being hit in the face. View our investigation gallery.

San Francisco Bay Area hip-hop artist Remo Conscious provided the narration for the DVD. We have also produced Spanish versions of leaflets and DVDs to reach the Latin communities as they are now a target audience for circuses. Our phenomenal success in South America convinces us that these communities represent a huge untapped reservoir of compassion for animals. Read more about how Remo Conscious helped out with our DVD.


The Spanish architecture of the Serrano Hotel, San Francisco provided the backdrop for the first dual language launch. Remo Conscious joined ADI U.S.A. President Jan Creamer, Campaigns Director Tim Phillips, and Alexandra Cardenas our Animals in Entertainment Campaigner who addressed the Spanish speaking media. Our evidence was also delivered to San Francisco Mayor Newsom and California Governor Schwarzenegger. Read more about San Francisco.

[Pictured] Jan Creamer interviewed for TV.

Next stop Las Vegas, for a launch at Caesar’s Palace with the theme that the torment of wild animals for entertainment began in the Roman amphitheatres and should now be consigned to history. Caesar, our rescued Portuguese circus lion, was our animal ambassador for the launch. Local campaigner Linda Faso spoke about the Las Vegas campaign and brought with her an actual bullhook (elephant hook), which made the violence we had filmed all the more chilling. Read more about Las Vegas.

Austin, State capital of Texas was next; a key city, as Trunks & Humps of Cut and Shoot, Texas, is the home base for Boo and Krissy, the elephants featured in the beatings caught on video. The launch was boosted when we were helped by actress Jorja Fox, who spoke eloquently and movingly about the campaign. With a big media turn out, the scenes of violence were now being witnessed by a huge audience. Jorja then presented our evidence to Councillor Lee Leffingwell with a request that the City Council ban animal circuses. Read more about Texas. You can watch the Jorja Fox press conference by visiting


Then on to New York, where Jan appeared live on the national talk show ‘Geraldo’ accompanied by high profile supporters Corey and Susie Feldman. The hugely popular actor and model put a powerful case as ADI video footage was screened and Geraldo showed the viewers the elephant hook kindly provided by Linda Faso.

[Pictured] Corey and Susie Feldman on the Geraldo Show.

Watch us on The Geraldo Show.

Our tour wrapped up on the Monday with screenings of Stop Circus Suffering U.S.A. and Big Cat Rescue at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Cinema in New York.

This is just the start of a huge push on animal circuses in the U.S. Leaflets, posters, DVDs and reports can all be ordered from us.

Since the Stop Circus Suffering campaign launch in the U.S., our team has been tirelessly campaigning for bans on the use of animals in circuses as well as doing lots of public outreach all over the U.S. We have formed alliances with other groups and activists across the country to lobby political leaders to enact bans and put an end to this cruelty once and for all!

As a follow-up to our campaign tour, we have presented the entire Congress with our Stop Circus Suffering packets, which includes our 38-page scientific report The Science on Suffering with the executive report, our DVD entitled Stop Circus Suffering, and a letter urging each congressperson to support our call for a ban.

If you are interested in being a vital part of our efforts, please contact the U.S. office at 1-800-978-ADII (2344) or send an email to

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Read The Science on Suffering Report
(The Science on Suffering: Animals in Travelling Circuses The scientific evidence and a pilot study of nine U.S. animal circuses.)
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