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The final stages of the campaign to protect laboratory animals in Europe

Posted: 5 April 2012. Updated: 23 November 2012


The NAVS uncovers figures that show UK is the biggest user of primates in the EU
The NAVS found that the European Commission in its Sixth Statistical Report on the numbers of animals used in EU laboratories in 2008, showed the UK to be the biggest user of primates in Europe. The implementation of the revised EU Directive provides the new Coalition Government with the ideal opportunity to fulfil their pre-election commitment to decrease the use of animals.
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MEPs disappointed with EU animal experiment rules
9 September 2010: Several promising measures from the European Commission and MEPs were steadily diluted during the negotiations for the revision of Directive 86/609, as a result of heavy lobbying from industry and animal suppliers. The UK Government are urged to commit to replacing animal experiments during implementation.

Europe votes on new rules on animal experiments
8 September 2010: On this day the second reading of the Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes took place. Tim Phillips, NAVS Campaigns Director said: “The public will share our disappointment that such an important opportunity to advance the replacement of animals in experiments has been missed”.
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Awaiting the final text of the Directive
Winter 2010: As we waited for the final votes on the text of the Directive, ADI began to prepare to move the campaign onto the next stage – implementation into UK law.
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EU animal experiments Directive – Council of Ministers Stage
Spring 2010: Following the bruising battle in the European Parliament, ADI continued to lobby and generate publicity and push for amendments during the toughest and least transparent stage of the process.
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ADI takes monkeys to sanctuary as Europe considers new rules for experiments on primates
22 December 2009: Bacill, Baloo and Bacillusk, saved by ADI, were part of the primate supply trade. Their parents had been torn from the wild in Mauritius and were sold to Mazor Farm in Israel, who sold their offspring to the research facility that eventually handed them to ADI.
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EU decision on fate of lab animals imminent
It was revealed on 2 December 2009 at a meeting of the European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development Committee that a decision, which would seal the future of the millions of animals, used in laboratories was imminent.
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