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How ADI shaped the debates on animal experiments in Europe

Posted: 5 April 2012. Updated: 23 April 2015


EU institutions agree new lab rules but measures fall short of robust animal protection
7 December 2009: Decisions made by key European institutions bitterly disappointed ADI as so many compromises to animal protection had been made under the Directive to placate an industry that refuses to be regulated.
Discover how ADI lobbied hard to push for the best possible protection for lab animals

ADI/NAVS presents 10,000 signatures to key EU Rapporteurs
2 December 2009: The EU Commission, Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers and key Rapporteurs, were presented with a letter signed by over 10,000 people urging them to use the revision of the new Directive on animal testing to ensure the best possible protection for lab animals.

Technical Briefings used to shape the European law on animal experiments
Winter 2009: ADIs briefings formed part of the raft of campaign materials used to obtain the best possible outcome for all animals during the revision of the animal experimentation law.
Read the reports

Gathering support from across Europe
Winter 2009: Following its vote in 1st reading in the European Parliament, the Directive moved to the Council of Ministers, where all Member States of the EU could also have their say on the European Commission’s draft.
Read about the backing given to the campaign by other EU countries

House of Lords backs measures to protect primates
11 November 2009: A new report published by the House of Lords EU Committee backed proposals by the European Commission to end capture of wild monkeys and to restrict monkey experiments.
Read here how ADI welcomed the report

Key MEPs debate the future of primates in lab tests
4 November 2009: ADI participated in a special MEP briefing in Brussels, providing shocking evidence, showing the treatment of monkeys in animal testing labs and in supply facilities, examples of the latest alternatives to experiments on primates and scientific briefings.
Discover more about how ADI pushed for primate protection in Europe

House of Lords back proposals about Animal Testing
21 July 2009: The NAVS welcomed the conclusions of the House of Lords European Union Committee, which supported the key changes that the NAVS wished to see in the proposed new Directive on animal experiments.
Find out more about the Committee’s proposals

ADI contribute to House of Lords Inquiry
8 July 2009: The Lordships were very interested when we gave evidence to the House of Lords Inquiry into the proposed new European Directive on animal experiments, to replace 86/609.
Read Jan’s blog about our contribution (Second item)

MEPs buckle under vivisection industry pressure
7 May 2009: MEPs vote to support non-animal research but strip away protection from wild caught primates; and remove prior authorisation requirements for over 4million experiments
Discover how MEPs voted against animal protection here

MEPs vote to allow severe and prolonged suffering of lab animals in Europe
31 March 2009: In the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, MEPs backed a series of amendments that seriously weakened proposals from the European Commission to regulate animal testing across Europe.
Read about this bitterly disappointing set-back

ADI hits back at claims better animal protection will drive scientific research out of the EU
30 March 2009: Research by ADI shows that industry scare stories that improved animal protection will force scientific research abroad, are unfounded and misleading.
The background story...
Read our briefing on competitiveness and animal research

Vote in European Parliament could send laboratory animal protection back to the Dark Ages
27 March 2009: MEPs tabled over 500 amendments to proposals by the European Commission for rules governing animal experiments in Europe, including reducing justifications needed to experiment on monkeys and overturning the proposals to stop the trapping of wild monkeys.

Political pressure mounts to Save the Primates
18 March 2009: A UK parliamentary petition was tabled calling for an end to primate testing. The EDM built momentum for the UK to take a strong stand on the use of primates in experiments as the European Parliament decide on the revision of the EU animal experiment Directive.
Read about EDM 1042 here

Draft Directive to Replace 86/609
January 2009: The long awaited revision of EC Directive 86/609 went before a European Parliament Committee in Brussels. The Commission responded to our campaign, proposing a ban on the use of apes and wild caught primates but left loopholes and failed to establish a timetable to replace all primate experiments.
Find out here how we campaigned hard to push for our proposals

Lab Animals, Europe Decides
Between January and May 2009 the European Parliament considered new rules for lab animals proposed by the European Commission. As the rules passed through Committees right up to the vote in Plenary, we were there to inform and try to shape animal protection.
Read an overview of our campaign...

Inquiry into primate research was biased and deeply flawed – says ADI
ADI and NAVS submitted a formal complaint to the European Commission about the organisation of a public hearing on the use of non- human primates in biomedical research. The inquiry was bias, restrictive and short notice given for submission by interested parties.
The report from this hearing was later critisised by the European Ombudsman. Read more about this report

UK lab animal use continues to rise as Government implements deregulatory agenda
28 July 2008: The 2007 statistics on animal testing published by the Home Office showed a rise of 6% on 2006. The Inspectorate report announces that a lobbying unit was created at the Home Office to implement this deregulatory programme at the EU level.

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