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ADI caught the attention of MEPs during the campaign for lab animals

Posted: 5 April 2012. Updated: 23 November 2012


ADI announce the launch of the Save the Primates investigation
4 February 2009: Shocking tests exposed inside Huntingdon Life Sciences UK lab, as EU considers ending primate experiments. ADIís groundbreaking documentary reveals the all too visible distress that lab primates face on a daily basis.
Find out about the launch here
Read the ďPrimate Testing in EuropeĒ report here
Watch the shocking video

A vision for Europe
January 2009: A briefing from ADI was distributed to MEPs in Brussels, available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish. It urged the use of the new directive to replace Directive 86/609 on animal experiments to protect animals and advance European Science.
Read our vision for Europe here

Review of Directive 86/609 and the Campaign to Ban Primate Experiments in Europe
24 April 2008: Our Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, rounds up the story so far in her blog.
Read Janís blog...

Manifesto on new lab animal rules launched at European Parliament
16 April 2008: ADI and NAVS made proposals for the revision of regulations under Directive 86/609 with the potential to save millions of lives.
Read our proposed manifesto here
Read more about this stage of the campaign here

Scientific report says it is time to stop primate experiments
12 July 2007: ADI launched a report at the European Parliament in Strasbourg dissecting the arguments presented in defence of research on primates by the European Unionís Scientific Steering Committee (SSC).
Read our report here...

Cartoons used to win over MEPs
25 May 2007: A series of cartoons taking a humorous swipe at humansí treatment of primates were used as a weapon in ADIís drive to urge MEPs to sign a ground-breaking Written Declaration (WD 40/2007) in the European Parliament.
View the series of cartoons

Declaration calls for European Primate Test Ban
On 24 April (World Lab Animal Day) 2007 a Written Declaration calling for a Europe-wide ban on primate experiments was launched at the European Parliament with an ADI/NAVS reception and publicity event.
Learn how we launched this historic declaration here

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