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How the battle for lab animals in the EU began

Posted: 5 April 2012. Updated: 23 November 2012


Political challenges for animals at the Party Conferences
25 September 2006: Political Animals report launched at ADI and NAVS stands at the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative party conferences. The report highlights current animal protection issues and campaigns, including the revision of Directive 86/609/EU.

Historic push for EU and US bans on monkey experiments
8 September 2006: To mark International Primate Day (September 1st) organised by Animal Defenders International, motions were simultaneously placed before the European Parliament and the US House of Representatives calling for an end to experiments on non-human primates.
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Primate Nations Report delivered to No. 10
6 September 2006: The Primate Nations set out the case for a ban on the use of non-human primates in experiments, including key recommendations outlined in the written declaration tabled before the European Parliament
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ADI welcomes new European Commission Action Plan to reduce animal testing
22 June 2006: ADI chief executive Jan Creamer attended a Conference on Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing organised by European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Policy, GŁnter Verheugen, reflecting a growing interest of European industries and the EU institutions in alternatives to animal testing.
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