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Kick animal testing out of the house

Posted: 18 May 2012. Updated: 23 November 2012


The NAVS campaign ‘Kick animal testing out of the house’ aims to end all testing - ingredients and finished products - related to the manufacture of household products. Progress has been made since the campaign was launched, in particular in the UK, where the government has made a commitment to end such testing.

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Campaign updates:

Revision of UK animal experimentation rules underway

The UK has begun the first major revision of animal experimentation rules in over 25 years as the government brings the new EU Directive on animal testing (2010/63/EU) into UK law. This is an opportunity for the government to seriously commit to the implementation of sophisticated replacements for animal experiments; advancing science whilst ending animal suffering. The NAVS has outlined ten steps the UK Government must take to tackle animal experiments, which include an end to household product testing. Read more…

NAVS comment on household testing ban commitment

Our ‘Kick Animal Testing Out of the House’ campaign has been long and hard-fought: having achieved a UK ban on cosmetics testing in 1998, followed by a Europe-wide phase-out, we’ve been steadily making progress. Another step forward came when the government announced its commitment to ending the testing of household products on animals. Read more…

Government announces an end to testing household products on animals

The NAVS is encouraged by the Home Office’s announcement today, 18 July 2011, declaring the Government’s commitment to ending the testing of household products on animals. Read more…

Animal testing figures for 2010 published

The “Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals” for 2010 were published by the Home Office in July. For the first time since 2008, animals were used for household product tests. Read more…

Kick animal testing out of the house campaign update

Our campaign made a major breakthrough this summer, as the Home Office announced the Government’s commitment to ‘ending the testing of household products on animals’. Read more…

2009 sees UK experiment on 3.5 million animals

The Home Office recently published its “Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals” revealing that during 2009 over three and a half million animals were used in experiments. No animals however were used for testing household products. Read more…

Government commits to end household testing on animals

The NAVS is urging MPs to back a commitment from the Home Office to end the testing of household products on animals, who have yet to indicate when such testing will come to an end. Read more…

USDA figures state over a million animals used in household product testing

Information regarding the number of animals used for testing household products in the USA is scarce. Statistical reporting is provided by the USDA in a general yearly report, the latest of which reveals that 1,027,450 animals were used. Read more…

The fight to protect laboratory animals in Europe

In 2006 the EU began considering plans to overhaul the Europe-wide animal experimentation rules under EC Directive 86/609. NAVS and ADI embarked on a relentless campaign on behalf of millions of laboratory animals. The long awaited draft proposal was published by the European Commission in November 2008, which was followed by its progression through the European Parliament. Read more…

Massive rise in UK animal experiments

The Home Office 2008 figures for animal experimentation in the UK show how household product tests are on the increase, despite increasing political consensus that they should stop. Read more…

Celebrities support NAVS ‘Spring Clean for Compassionate Cupboards’

Julie Christie, Jenny Seagrove and Wendy Turner Webster back nationwide call for a cruelty-free spring clean, asking the British people to replace animal-tested goods with cruelty free alternatives for truly compassionate cupboards. Read more…

Jan Creamer’s blog about our World Day activities

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Help kick animal testing out of the house during World Lab Animal Week

Each year millions of animals die in laboratories around the world. Hundreds of thousands of these tests are for ingredients or finished products – home or personal products that we buy every day. Help us secure a UK, then Europe-wide, ban on household, and other product testing. Read more here and here

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‘Kick animal testing out of the house ‘campaign launch

The NAVS launches its campaign to end all testing related to the manufacture of household products. Read more…

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