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U.S. NASA space experiments

Posted: 4 June 2013. Updated: 4 June 2013

NASA call to animal researchers condemned

Two years after abandoning plans to use monkeys in Mars experiments following public outcry, NASA call for research proposals for projects which may involve primates, dogs, cats and other animals. Find out more here and here

Victory for NASA monkeys

Our global campaign to end space experiments given a massive boost as NASA halts its proposed experiments on squirrel monkeys. Read more

ADI and European Space Agency Strongly Oppose NASA Primate Experiments

ADI and the European Space Agency (ESA) speak out against NASA plans to use primates in experiments, a practice not utilized by NASA for decades. Find out more

Space experiments on animals: A giant leap backwards

Decisions by NASA and the Russian space agency to perform experiments on monkeys as part of plans for manned missions to Mars brought a global response from ADI. Read more

Not in our name: ADI calls for a global stand against space experiments on animals

ADI call on the public to protest to the US and Russian Embassies in an international drive to stop NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) from performing radiation experiments on monkeys as part of plans to travel to Mars. Find out more

Concern as NASA steps closer to irradiation experiments on monkeys

ADI express disappointment at the passing of the Senate version of a NASA bill in the House of the US Congress, which did not include “justification and rationale for any additional research involving non-human primates". Read more

ADI Advances Legislative Campaign Against NASA Primate Experiments

ADI launch a major US educational and legislative campaign to secure public and government support to prevent NASA proceeding with experiments on monkeys, with a compelling video. Read more
Watch the video

Former NASA engineer speaks out against primate experiments

The NASA engineer who resigned over the monkey tests gives an exclusive interview to ADI, explains why she gave up a dream career at NASA in order to oppose the experiments. Watch the interview.

ADI Announces NASA Engineer Resigns Over Planned Primate Testing

NASA aerospace engineer April Evans resigns her position as a space architect on the International Space Station (ISS) program as a result of NASA’s decision to conduct primate irradiation testing. Find out more

ADI campaign against NASA primate experiments

ADI launch the campaign against NASA’s primate experiments with an interview on CNN, a letter of support from a Russian cosmonaut and news of the resignation of a NASA aerospace engineer. Read more

NASA irradiates squirrel monkeys

The Scientific American website report that 18 to 28 squirrel monkeys are to be irradiated in a study paid for by NASA. Find out more

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