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Russian space experiments

Posted: 4 June 2013. Updated: 4 June 2013

Animals perish during Russian mission

The Bion-M craft returned to earth a month after it was launched and, although the animals onboard were expected to return alive, many died during the mission. The animals reportedly died as a result of “equipment failure or due to the stresses of space”. Find out more

Russia sends animals into space

According to press reports, on 19 April 2013, a Russian space mission was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, with mice, gerbils, geckos, fish and snails on board. Read more

Space race to torture monkeys: Russian Federal Space Agency told – ‘Not in our name’

ADI launch a campaign to secure public support to prevent the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) from performing radiation experiments on monkeys as part of plans to travel to Mars. Find out more

Space experiments on animals: A giant leap backwards

Decisions by NASA and the Russian space agency to perform experiments on monkeys as part of plans for manned missions to Mars bring a global response from ADI. Read more

Russian Cosmonaut Supports ADI Opposition to NASA Primate Experimentation for Space Research

Celebrated Russian cosmonaut and Guinness Book of World Records holder Valentin Lebedev was one of the members of the aerospace industry to publicly oppose NASA’s plans to test primates to investigate the effects of space radiation. Find out more

Space Hero Umberto Guidoni Joins ADI to Ask Russia to Stop Mars Monkey Experiments

Former Italian Member of European Parliament Umberto Guidoni, former NASA and ESA astronaut, asks the Russian Federal Space Agency to stop the use of primates in their Mars exploration programme. Find out more

Russian lab to experiment on primates for Mars 500 space programme

The Moscow Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) undertook a project called Mars 500 which ultimately aims at sending humans to Mars. Unfortunately, in a bid to simulate a mission to Mars, the project carried out ground based long-term radiation experiments on macaques. We have the harrowing photos. See more

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