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Iranian space experiments

Posted: 4 June 2013. Updated: 18 December 2013

Iran sends second monkey into space

ADI is deeply concerned by reports today (14 December 2013) that Iran has sent a second monkey into space. Media outlets stated that the monkey, named Fargam, was launched 74.5 miles (120 kilometers) into space in a liquid fuelled rocket during a mission which lasted 15 minutes.

Iran to send second monkey into space?

Responding to reports that Iran intends to launch a second monkey into space, the NAVS has called on the country to halt “all plans to send monkeys, cats or any other animals into space”. Read more...

Iran’s plans to send a Persian cat into space denounced

The NAVS has expressed outrage at the news that the Iranian Space Agency is considering sending more animals into space, which could include a Persian cat, mouse and rabbit, following a monkey sent by the agency earlier this year. Read more...

Outrage as monkey sent into space by Iran

The NAVS express its outrage at the news that the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) carried out its planned mission to send a monkey into space. Find out more

Iranian Space Agency’s retrograde step to send monkeys into space opposed

News reports stated that a number of primates were in quarantine and an unknown number to be sent into space. NAVS call the plans by the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) a pointlessly cruel and retrograde step in space research. Find out more

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