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Iranís plans to send Persian cat into space denounced by NAVS

Posted: 17 September 2013. Updated: 17 September 2013

The NAVS has expressed outrage at the news that the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) is considering sending more animals into space, which could include a Persian cat, mouse and rabbit, following a monkey sent by the agency earlier this year.

Sending animals into space is scientifically pointless and extremely cruel. Animals suffer terribly in the isolated and cramped conditions and many donít make it back alive.

The ISA has previously claimed that it is sending animals in the hope of launching a man into space before 2018.

Using animals in space research is a retrograde step and results from animal space missions are potentially hazardous when applied to humans.

World record setting Soviet cosmonaut Valentin Lebedev, who set a world record for time in space has stated, ďThe existing knowledge received from past experience of long time space flights is quite enough right now to predict their influence on peopleĒ.

Take action

  • Please contact the Iranian Space Agency here and urge officials to reconsider their plans to send animals into space
  • Ask the Iranian government to end the use of animals in space research and put pressure on the ISA to halt its plans for another animal mission Ė contact the Embassy where you live here
  • Find out more about our campaign to stop animals being used for space research here

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