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Oppose monkey farm plans in Florida

Posted: 8 February 2014. Updated: 8 March 2016


ADI’s undercover investigation exposing horrific treatment of monkeys at Biodia, a Mauritian monkey factory farm that supplies US laboratories, also revealed that many of these monkeys could soon be behind bars in a new breeding farm in Florida. ADI’s findings came just days after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revealed that monkey imports are on the rise. ADI is calling for the U.S. to stop the import of monkeys for experiments or breeding and for the U.S. to join the international move away from monkey experiments.

The ADI investigation took place inside Biodia, one of several Mauritian farms breeding long-tailed macaques for experiments. Findings include:

  • Workers swinging screaming monkeys by their tails
  • Distressed baby monkeys torn from the arms of their desperate mothers and tattooed without anesthetic
  • Monkeys injected in the eyelids for TB tests
  • Monkeys restrained and injected in view of other animals
  • Animals captured from the wild and used as breeding machines
  • Barren, crowded cages; animals killed and injured from fighting
  • Stressful separation of mothers and babies
  • Rough handling; monkeys wrenched from cages by their tails
  • Netted animals slammed onto concrete floors
  • Heavily pregnant monkeys manhandled and pinned down

3000 monkeys a year are imported from Mauritius to American labs, and hundreds from Biodia. ADI’s investigation revealed that Biodia’s US trading partner Prelabs has plans to “establish the first Mauritius breeding colony in the US” in Labelle, Florida. It appears that the facility will operate under the name “Primera.”

ADI President Jan Creamer said: “Floridians will be horrified to hear about plans to set up a new monkey farm on their doorstep. Female monkeys will be locked in tiny boxes and flown thousands of miles from Mauritius to breed babies for experiments if these plans go ahead. The poor U.S. regulations on primate experiments and imports are shameful, allowing unnecessary suffering, fear, pain and distress to intelligent and highly developed animals when alternatives already exist. U.S. primate imports also cause damage to wild populations and the wider environment. As other nations move away from primate research, the US remains in the scientific backwater, clinging to crude, outdated methods instead of advanced technology. This trade is cruel and unjustified.”

Hendry County is now an epicenter for US primate breeding, despite opposition. ADI reached out to state and national legislators, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Hendry County Commissioners, the city of LaBelle, and stakeholders in opposition to this cruel industry, whose horrors are evident in one ADI investigation of a Mauritius breeding farm.

Take action!

Please urge local and state officials to take measures to cancel plans for Prelabs’ Primera facility in Labelle

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