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Free to be wild, our lions enjoy sanctuary

The record-breaking Operation Lion Ark began with ADI rescuing and relocating EVERY SINGLE SUFFERING CIRCUS ANIMAL in Bolivia and ended on February 16 2011, with the last 25 lucky lions touching down at Denver airport to start their new life of freedom at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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A lion rests while the girls go for a walk.

A group of lionesses have noticed the camera.

Two lionesses relax by their scratching post.

BamBam and his family on their 20-acre habitat.

ColoColo, the once violently angry lion is peaceful on the prairie.

This cub was one of the last lions to perform in a circus in Bolivia. Wouldn’t you love to see a photo of the last animal to perform in an American circus?

Kenya enjoys sneaking through the tall grass.

Handsome lion.

Lionesses emerge from their underground den.

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