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The rescue of our lion prides

Operation Lion Ark saw ADI’s Rescue Team carry out its most ambitious and complex rescue mission to date. The team traveled the length and breadth of Bolivia, covering thousands of miles, negotiating the seizure of an incredible 25 lions. The lions now roam huge enclosures at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, U.S.A.

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The ADI Rescue Team negotiate the seizure of the family of eight lions

Fida and Panchula are suspended by a crane

India, safe at the ADI compound

Campeon, one of the eight lions kept in a single cage, at ADI holding compound.

Hercules, at the ADI Compound

Born in the circus, this cub and his two siblings will now have the chance to grow up as free lions.

Kimba, dumped by the circus in a zoo, where he lived alone for 11 years. The ADI team had to to knock down a wall and cut through the bars to rescue him.

Kimba looks into the eyes of his rescuers.

Luring Kimba into his rescue crate.

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