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Quarantine facility for rescued lions and baboon under construction

Posted: 4 January 2010. Updated: 16 April 2015


A quarantine facility, which will house the five lions and baboon recently rescued by ADI (Animal Defenders International), and who are now awaiting their final journey to freedom, will be finished late next week, announced COBOCE Construction Coordinator Engineer Francisco Guardia. This construction was started November 25th.

The Full Story of the Rescue

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In the quarantine structure there are six individual units, each with a height of four meters so that the animals will have a good amount of space to move around. In addition, there will be a recreational area that will allow animals to spend time with and interact with each other. This common area will have a division that separates males from females. The initial cement and brick work is nearing completion, while the metal-mounted mechanical structures will be set up as soon as the cementation is done.

The health of Maiza, Gordo, Daktar, Camba and Simba, the five lions and Tilín, the baboon, has improved considerably since they have been cared for by ADI. Now, they rest and play most of the day, says Enrique Mendizabal, Representative of USAID in Bolivia.

On the Road to Recovery

The animals came into the hands of ADI skinny, with shaggy hair, and accustomed to an inadequate and poor diet which had significantly damaged their health. Now each of the lions eat around 15 kilos of red meat three times a week. This diet is enriched with Mazuri Carnivore Diet dietary supplements, a supplement specifically for lions in captivity and was brought for them from Chile. Further, the baboon, who eats three times a day, now has a diet made up of 70% vegetables, 20% fruit and 10% of foods rich in protein. This dietary change was gradual, so as not to shock their digestive system. In addition all animals receive water continuously.

ADI came into possession of these animals after the Circus de Salvador Abuhadba voluntarily gave them up by a private contract with Susana Carpio, member of Animales SOS, who in turn contacted Mario Kempff, legal representative of ADI in Bolivia. He prepared another contract in which the animals remained in ADI’s definite custody final. Thus, in September 2009, the animals were moved from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba.

Currently the paperwork is expected to be completed with SENASAG, who imposed a quarantine of 20 days to formally extend the relevant health authority to begin allowing the exchange of information and documentation between the Bolivian Ministry of Environment and the Department of Agriculture of the United States.

SENASAG conducted a routine inspection and confirmed the good health of animals; they also requested copro-parasitological examinations that yielded normal results. These studies were conducted in the laboratory LIDIVECO in the city of Cochabamba.
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Their new life

In late November 2009, Dr. Henry Mel Richardson, a specialist veterinarian in large felines from the United States, removed all parasites from the animals through oral medication, and vaccinated the lions against rabies. He also examined the status of the animals and specified the type of care they should receive daily, specifically in regard to cleanliness and maintenance of the cages.

Daily cleansing is done by two people. Usually this process takes place early in the morning. Feces are cleaned from the cages and water is changed, as well as part of the straw on which the animals rest. On feeding days, the cages are cleaned again during the afternoon. Additionally, once a week a general cleaning is performed and a thorough review of the status of the spaces in which animals are located is done.

Within a short time the lions and baboon will leave their cages to live in the quarantine facilities. They will continue to live there for another term as authorities streamline documentation for their eventual transfer to the PAWS sanctuary. PAWS is a sanctuary where animals that previously lived in captivity are enabled to live in space and the most natural conditions possible.

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