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Posted: 8 January 2010. Updated: 3 October 2012

Thanks to the ongoing and tireless work of our Rescue Team, animals from all around the world have been saved from a life of cruelty and neglect. All our animals have been rehomed to sanctuaries, where they will live out their lives in peace and happiness.


The Lion Ark lions

At the end of 2010, securing a ban on the use of animals in circuses in Bolivia, we completed the rescue of EVERY animal from circuses across the country.

Now these lions are living free, in family prides, in massive natural enclosures at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and ARK 2000 in California. Their care will be funded by ADI for the rest of their lives.

Ex-lab monkeys

After enduring years of hardship, these three lucky monkeys enjoy a new life together in safety and without fear. Rehomed in the idyllic Lakeview Sanctuary, they now have their very own brand new, and very large, permanent outdoor enclosure, with adjoining nighthouse.

Tilin and Tina

Tilin the baboon, rescued from a Bolivian circus, now has a companion in female baboon Tina.

Tim & Rosita

Tim was destined to be food for circus lions before ADI rescued him during Operation Lion Ark. Along with companion Rosita he is living his life out in safety.

Sarah & Caesar

This doting couple once shared a small crate on the back of a truck with a travelling circus. Thanks to ADI, today they roam free on their own piece of African bush.

Orlandito, released into the wild!

Orlandito was snatched from the wild for the pet trade. Now, after years of determined work, ADI has released him to the Colombian forest with other capuchins.


Rescued and reunited with his own kind in Zambia, he now relaxes beneath the African sun after enduring a lifetime of misery.

Whole Circus Rehomed

Following a dramatic rescue, ADI organised the rehoming of 20 animals from a circus in Mozambique.


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