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Memories of Tarzan: easy living

Posted: 22 January 2010. Updated: 22 January 2010


Tarzanís life remains free of drama, as his is one of tranquillity and rest.

His coat has noticeably improved and his physique has definitely become stronger over the last year as he feasts on regular meals and mineral supplements. The only problem with our lovable rogue is that he is possibly a little too relaxed, and despite his expansive enclosure he prefers to rest and sleep as opposed to exploring his surroundings.

In a bid to improve his fitness staff have taken to becoming pseudo prey! In an attempt to encourage him to exercise Tarzanís carers occasionally run alongside the perimeter fence to try and entice him to become a little more active, which at times is quite effective. However, if people are not around to entertain him, he is content to rest and sleep for most of the day, that is until its feeding time, for it is this that remains his top activity.

As Tarzan has no competition for his meals, other than the local vultures, dinner time is his sacrosanct moment of the day. Unlike the feeding frenzy which occurs with the lions, eating is a leisurely affair for Tarzan. His process starts as he licks the meat until it softens, this is a necessity due to missing some front teeth, and itís only after meticulously licking every inch is his meal soft enough to tackle. Eat, sleep and play forms Tarzans life these days. Needless to say, life remains good for this tiger.

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