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Memories of Tarzan: long walks in the bush

Posted: 22 January 2010. Updated: 22 January 2010


Tarzan the tiger, who has been leading a tranquil and peaceful life, is approaching his third happy year in the ADI Rescue Centre.

His days, generally spent lazing in the African sun, are blissful, and at three years with us, life for our lovable rogue has never been better. But although he is renowned among the staff for being the most placid of our animals, Tarzan does – occasionally – surprise us.

It appears that Tarzan’s strict regime of feasting on hearty meals and basking in the shade has its limitations from time to time and, as Tarzan’s strength has returned and his health begun to improve, it has been noted among the staff that Tarzan has been taking it upon himself more and more to explore his lush and expansive enclosure.

A calm but increasingly curious cat, Tarzan’s strolls through the African bush can range from sniffing excitedly among the undergrowth to slowly stalking small insects. Guided by nothing but his whim, he prowls around his domain at leisure: one day he’ll be engrossed by the leaves on a particularly large plant, another he’ll gaze searchingly at an assemblage of rocks, circling ponderously – until his attention is caught by some other flit of distraction.

After three happy years in the ADI Rescue Centre, Tarzan truly looks at home. His curiosity remains active and unabated, and at the end of a hard day you can be sure that Tarzan always winds down with – well, a nice meal and a well-deserved kip!

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