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New home for ex-circus lions being constructed

Posted: 15 February 2010. Updated: 7 July 2010


The five rescued lions, sleeping soundly in their new temporary homes, must have been exhilarated after finally stepping out of their cages after a lifetime of hardship.

But though they didn’t know it, the future of the three male and two female lions, now in the care of ADI following their successful campaign to ban Bolivian animals circuses, was looking ever brighter.

The Full Story of the Rescue

Read more on the remarkable journey of how these four ex-circus lions arrived in California after a life in the circus:

While in Bolivia the five lions recently rescued by ADI were being transferred into their new quarantine enclosure, over 5000 miles away the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), who are working with ADI on the animals’ rehabilitation programme, were already overseeing the construction of their new home – a gorgeous sanctuary in California, with acres of space to roam as they have never done before.

ADI are funding the construction of the lions’ enclosures, as well funding the upkeep of the animals for the rest of their lives. It is a mighty project, but one which will change the lives of these five lions forever.


A bright future

The five lions will reside in their quarantine enclosure until the necessary preparations have been made for them to embark upon the next stage of their journey. Having spent years in cages, travelling for long periods of time and forced to perform unnatural tricks, their new life, funded by ADI and PAWS, will seem like paradise.

These lions symbolise a remarkable achievement: the ban on Bolivian animal circuses looks to pave the way for similar measures around the world. The freedom of these lions, and the happiness their future holds, is only the beginning of a remarkable journey for performing animals the world over.

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