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No longer alone

Posted: 18 November 2011. Updated: 2 March 2017


ADI and Lakeview have been seeking a non-breeding companion for our wonderful ex-circus baboon Tilin, who had spent at least 17 years with the circus, entirely alone.

So we were desperate for Tilin to a companion. Finally, we found the lovely Tina.

Tina is also a Hamadryas baboon, around seven years old, born in a captive-breeding farm in Israel and exported to Cyprus with another monkey for the pet market. When her owner could no longer handle her she was taken in by a donkey sanctuary, where she lived for about five years, her main playmate a German Shepherd dog.

Upon hearing of Tina’s situation, the opportunity to give them a life together was too good to pass up.

Tina and Tilin meet

On arrival at the sanctuary Tina was introduced into her new quarantine accommodation, a room next to Tilin’s, where they could see each other but not touch. While Tilin was in his outdoor enclosure, Tina carefully inspected both his room, and her own.

She was then moved back to her own room and Tilin was brought in for the night. He’d heard her speaking when he was outside, so was very interested – he approached slowly and, although Tina appeared nervous at first, Tilin was calm and not aggressive.

A great deal of baboon talk followed, as they settled down for the night in their adjoining rooms. During the ensuing days Tilin remained cool and laid back and Tina decided she liked him. Whenever Tilin nipped outside, Tina would call to him and he would scamper back. They were bonding.

The future

After a few weeks Tina and Tilin were properly introduced, under careful supervision. They spent the afternoon grooming each other and by the end of the day they were sharing Tilin’s bed, grooming. After years of isolation, Tilin and Tina are together forever.

Now, we want to build a special enclosure in the woodland for them – where they will have trees, bushes, insects – the best life we can provide.

Please donate today and help us build a permanent home for Tilin and Tina.

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