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Rescued neurology monkeys safe in NAVS/ADI enclosure


Monkeys saved by the NAVS from nightmare in neurology lab

Our thanks to everyone who supported our appeal to save the monkeys from the University of Chile’s neuroscience laboratory. As reported in the last issue, the monkeys are now safe at the Centro de Rehabilitación de Primates run by Elba and Carlos Muñoz. Elba and Carlos established the sanctuary to rescue suffering monkeys and now it holds over a hundred South American monkeys. The centre is currently home to Toto a circus chimpanzee rescued in a joint operation by Animal Defenders International and Centro de Rehabilitación de Primates. Toto is to be relocated to Zambia later this year.

NAVS Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, was recently in Chile for a series of television appearances, media interviews and meetings with animal protection groups, and took time to drop in on the rescued monkeys. The enclosure funded by NAVS supporters is complete and and the rescued lab monkeys should be moving in later this year. At the moment it is winter and the former lab monkeys have been moved to an enclosure with perspex shutters – after years inside the laboratory, they are gradually acclimatising to an outdoor life.

Jan notes: “It was wonderful to see these small monkeys who have suffered so much, embarking on a new life. They do not realise it, but they will never be harmed again. I have seen such suffering in laboratories over the years, where the plight of animals often seems so hopeless, that it is particularly poignant that these monkeys have made it out alive – against all the odds".

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