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Get well soon Dactari

Posted: 17 October 2012. Updated: 17 October 2012


Dactari, one of the first lions ADI relocated from Bolivia to ARK2000, is unwell and all our thoughts are with him. He was seen struggling to breathe and so the decision was made to anesthetize him to take x-rays of his chest, and to perform a full physical examination. This has revealed significant heart disease, with pleural effusion (fluid in the chest) and also that he is also much older than originally estimated, probably at least 15 years old.

He is now taking medications, hidden in his food, to relieve fluid and to treat heart disease and is responding well to the treatment. He is comfortable and fairly active and continues to snuggle up with Bambek in the sunshine. His spirits are good, and his appetite is improving on the medications. In the late afternoon, when the group roars, he joins right in and his voice is strong and deep.

ADI supporters appreciate that we save these animals from terrible conditions, some of the lions will have nearly starved to death at times in their lives. They had spent years on inadequate diets and were deprived for years of appropriate exercise. It is almost inevitable that this life takes its toll on the animals.

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