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Farewell Simba

Posted: 21 July 2014. Updated: 21 July 2014


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of dear Simba, one of our first Bolivian pride. As many of you will remember, Simba’s health deteriorated last year but with veterinary attention and TLC he rallied and continued to enjoy his life with Bambek. Simba is believed to have had the same cancer as another member of his pride Dactari who passed away last year and, despite several very good months and excellent veterinary care, his health deteriorated again. To the end he enjoyed the great outdoors resting peacefully under the shade of the trees as the sun came up. Simba with his beautiful blonde mane was at least 15, and may have been as old as 19.

Simba, Dactari, Bambek, and Camba were from a circus in Bolivia that voluntarily handed over all its animals (including Tilin the baboon) five years ago to ADI as soon as the law was passed banning animal acts. ADI flew the lions to California where they went to live in an ADI funded habitat at the wonderful PAWS ARK2000 Sanctuary.

It has been a very sad few months with three of our rescued animals passing away - Maria at TWAS, Toto at Chimfunshi and Simba at PAWS ARK2000. What we can remember is that the years of freedom these animals enjoyed were irreplaceable the real tragedy would have been if they had died in their circus cages without ever having the chance to feel sun on their backs and run with grass beneath their feet.

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