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Farewell Kimba

Posted: 31 January 2015. Updated: 31 January 2015


We are desperately sorry to report that Kimba, the grand old man of ADI’s Operation Lion Ark has passed away.

Kimba was the oldest lion to be rescued during our mission to empty Bolivia of circus animals; he was blind in one eye and frail. We feared he would not live to enjoy his freedom for long, but the old warrior had four wonderful years at The Wild Animal Sanctuary, with the grass beneath his feet and the sun on his back, and was a huge favourite with the ADI and TWAS teams.

When we rescued him he had been alone for over a decade after being dumped by a circus at a small zoo. That night he roared in our lion compound and for the first time in all those years, others roared back. At TWAS he would roar to all the new arrivals in the Lion House.

His final months were perhaps the happiest of all when he was joined by Morelia, a lioness rescued from Mexico they would snuggle up at night and lie side by side by day.

This week, his condition deteriorated rapidly over a few days; his other eye had developed the same problem and he became completely blind and in pain. It was decided to euthanise Kimba, and he passed away peacefully.

Kimba symbolised so much of what we work for and how precious every day of freedom we can secure for these animals is, farewell old friend.

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