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Help Cholita and the three bears!

Posted: 6 September 2015. Updated: 11 October 2016


25-year-old Cholita, a spectacled bear, was torn from the wild as a baby by a circus in Peru, who cut off her fingers to remove her claws and broke off her teeth to leave her defenceless. Due to the stress, she lost all her fur.

ADI saved Cholita and took her home to the forest at Taricaya Ecological Reserve, where we will care for her for life. ADI continues to rescue bears, so Cholita now has neighbours of her own kind – Lucho and Sabina »

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Dominga is a 12-year-old female spectacled bear, who like Cholita, has lost her hair through stress. She is living in a zoo in the Andes, and until now, there has been no other home for her. The management of the zoo have said that they cannot keep Dominga any longer and ADI must move her soon, or she may be euthanized. Peru’s wildlife department has given permission and is very happy for us to move Dominga to a specially-built habitat next door to Cholita.

We need to raise £18,000/$23,500 to move Dominga quickly – we need to build a crate, arrange transport, and finish her enclosure at the sanctuary – we will need to transport Dominga by truck over the Andes and then by boat along the Madre de Dios River.

Please help us save Dominga

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