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Farewell Bambek

Posted: 1 October 2015. Updated: 9 October 2015


Bambek, one of the first lions to be rescued by ADI during enforcement of the Bolivian animal circus ban, has sadly passed away.

We took Bambek and his companions Camba, Daktari and Simba to the PAWS Ark 2000 sanctuary where he enjoyed five wonderful years under the Californian sun, in the beautiful lion habitat funded by ADI supporters.

Bambek’s care was excellent and when he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, he received chemotherapy, which gave him a new lease of life before he finally succumbed and it was decided to humanely put him to sleep.

Believed to be 23, Bambek was the oldest of the pride but outlived the two younger boys, who he loved to snuggle up to at night.

Their exuberance on first arriving at their new home says just how precious those years of freedom were for them. Enjoy the moment Bambek an his pride sensed freedom.

Farewell Bambek, we will keep fighting until all the cages are empty and so that others can also have a better life.

If you would like to give an in memoriam donation for Bambek it will go towards the flight and construction of habitats for lions ADI has rescued in Peru. Donate US $ / Donate UK / Donate via Paypal or Euros

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