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Help send them home!

Posted: 19 February 2016. Updated: 19 February 2016


ADI now has all the permits in place to fly the 33 lions ADI has rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia home to a new life in a safe sanctuary in South Africa – Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

To fly the 33 lions home will cost 330,000/£230,000, for the flight – $10,000/£7,000 ticket for each lion!

Timing is critical, with the price based on where the aircraft is, the day before we need it – e.g. if it comes from Canada it would cost much more than if it came from Chile. So we’ve given the cargo companies as much notice as possible and need as many options as possible. Our travel crates are ready but there’s a lot to do!

Another flight is needed to bring the nine lions from Colombia to join the 24 Peruvian lions on the flight to South Africa. Dozens of trucks will be used to transport the lions to and from flights in Colombia, Peru and South Africa.

Police and customs will be involved and these are Government law enforcement operations, so there will be extra oversight. The size of the operation and cooperation needed from government officials and airports rules out the Latin America Easter holiday period in March, as well as Peru’s Presidential election period in early April.

We can’t wait to get to Africa with our beautiful lions, but we also have to get it right! We believe we are close to confirming a flight in April.

Our thanks to everyone who has helped get us this far. This has not been just one rescue – this is multiple rescues and over 100 animals rescued. In the 5 months we have waited for the permits from Colombia, Peru and South Africa, it has cost ADI over $100,000/£70,000 just to care for the lions in our temporary facilities.

Now it’s time to send for the lions to go home. So please give what you can.

Check out our sponsorship packages ranging from $100/£70 right up to supporting a lion’s entire airfare $10,000/£7,000. Get together with friends to get involved or simply give what you can – everything helps.

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