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Saved! Now letís get Hoover to his forever home in Florida!

Posted: 24 March 2016. Updated: 18 April 2016


Hoover is the sole survivor of a group of twelve circus tigers in Peru and was rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) during Operation Spirit of Freedom mission to help enforce Peruís ban on wild animal circuses. Confined to a tiny cage, his life was one of pain and suffering; he had watched his family die around him.

The circus had almost got away, going underground. Then, after eight months of searching, we received a tip-off about their location, close to the border of Ecuador. A surprise seizure got him out of the circus and we took Hoover to our temporary rescue center near Lima. After months of tender loving care, veterinary attention, toys and exercise, he is no longer the frightened, sick and emaciated tiger we first saw and is now thriving.

Free from the circus, Hoover is safe and well, but the best is yet to come!


Hoover will be flown, this month, to his forever home Ė the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, where he will spend his days relaxing in the sunshine, a world away from the abuse he has suffered his entire life.

With a spacious enclosure with lots of shady trees and soft grass to enjoy, Hoover will even have access to a spring-fed lake, where he can swim and splash about whenever he likes. His new home will also feature a large platform, several dens and plenty of toys. As a big cat with special needs, Hoover will receive the best possible medical and dental care and nutrition, as well as mentally stimulating and fun enrichment treats at least twice per week.

He has suffered so much, now with your help a wonderful new life awaits Hoover.

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Find out more about Hoover’s new home at Big Cat Rescue

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