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Urgent appeal: Help get Dominga home!

Posted: 30 September 2016. Updated: 1 October 2016


Dominga is an 11-year-old female spectacled bear who has lost most of her hair due to the stress of captivity. She lives in a small zoo in the Andes in Peru because there was nowhere else to put her.

ADI has been working to move Dominga, to become a friend for our dear Cholita, for over a year. Now, we have had the good news that Peruís wildlife department has given permission, but we must act quickly as there has been a threat she could be euthanised if ADI cannot relocate her.

ADI has made a huge commitment to build homes for nearly 100 animals rescued during Operation Spirit of Freedom. Our finances are stretched to the limit and it is simply not possible for us to save Dominga unless we raise ALL the costs of her relocation before we can get her.

Can you help us raise £18,000 so that we can save the life of this beautiful, bald lady bear and bring her home to the forest?

This is what we need:

  • A new, forever home for Dominga: We can adapt the enclosures at Cholitaís sanctuary and, with a little expansion, we can make it ready for Dominga to call home.
  • A transport crate for the journey over the Andes, along the Madre de Dios River to our sanctuary at Puerto Maldonado, in the Amazon.
  • An ADI rescue and veterinary team on the ground in Peru
  • A truck and support vehicles

Please help us get to Peru and save Dominga

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