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Great t-shirts that save animals!

Posted: 19 October 2016. Updated: 19 October 2016


Operation Spirit of Freedom t-shirts now available! Whether you want to tell the world how you helped rescue young Pepe, or if you want to wear handsome Ricardo proudly on your chest, you’ll find plenty of designs to choose from over at the ADI CafePress store »

Your purchase will transform lion lives.

All profits raised will be used to care for the 30+ lions living at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, who ADI rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia, and flew home to Africa in the world’s biggest lion airlift!

At Emoya, we’ve been busy reuniting families in the lion bonding camps, carrying out essential veterinary and dental procedures, and building huge new habitats, where the lions can safely live their lives, as close to how nature intended as possible. The natural bush enclosures will be complete with auto-filling waterholes, platforms for them to play, climb, and observe their new kingdoms from, and double-gated electric fencing for safety.

Construction is costing ADI $150,000 (£100,000) in total – donate towards their forever homes today »


These animals endured circus hell – spread their story and help stop circus suffering.

During Operation Spirit of Freedom, ADI emptied every circus cage in Peru - it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

With one of these t-shirts, not only will you directly help the lions living at Emoya, but you’ll be helping to highlight the plight of circus animals all over the world. Awareness saves lives – buy your t-shirt and help save animals today!


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