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Adopt your favourite animal!

Posted: 27 April 2017. Updated: 26 February 2018


Rescued from abuse and suffering – now you can help give these animals the wonderful lives they deserve!

From just $96 / £36 per year ($8/£3 per month), you can help care for one of our rescued animals. You’ll receive an adoption certificate, the ADI Rescuer newsletter, rescue updates, a beautiful photograph of your adopted animal each year (suitable for framing), discounts and offers, and all ADI publications. Silver and gold adopters also receive an ADI Rescuer tshirt, with gold adopters receiving a canvas print too!

With so many wonderful animals to choose from, the hardest part will be deciding who is your favourite!


Adopt a bear!


In the circus, Cholita’s fingers were brutally cut down to stumps and her teeth broken, leaving her defenceless. She lost all of her hair due to stress. Today, safe in her Amazon sanctuary, Cholita loves building nests, eating fruit, and talking to her good friend Lucho, a fellow spectacled bear, also rescued by ADI!

Adopt Cholita US $ | Adopt Cholita UK £


Confiscated from illegal wildlife traffickers as a baby, Dominga lived much of her life in a zoo with her sister. When her sister died several years ago, Dominga became so lonely, she lost almost all of her hair, just like Cholita! Since ADI rescued Dominga, she’s been busy exploring her wonderful new habitat in the Amazon forest and eating all of the grapes she can find!

Adopt Dominga US $ | Adopt Dominga UK £


After being confiscated from a circus, Lucho was held in a private, run-down facility for many years, never receiving any veterinary treatment. ADI launched an emergency appeal to rescue him and fellow spectacled bear Sabina, and today, they live happily together at our sanctuary in the Amazon forest!

Adopt Lucho US $ | Adopt Lucho UK £


A victim of the illegal wildlife trade, Sabina was snatched from the wild as a baby. With Lucho, she was living in appalling conditions without any veterinary care, until ADI launched an emergency appeal to rescue the bears. Sabina is the shyest of our bears, but she loves exploring her forever home in the Amazon forest.

Adopt Sabina US $ | Adopt Sabina UK £

Adopt a monkey!


The circus kept Pepe alone, chained by the neck for eight years – they even snapped off his canine teeth so he couldn’t defend himself. ADI seized Pepe from circus misery, flew in a specialist dentist, and today, he is now head of our rescued spider monkey family in the Amazon forest!

Adopt Pepe US $ | Adopt Pepe UK £



Used in neurology experiments at a major European animal research laboratory, Betty was scheduled to die once no longer needed, along with fellow macaques Baloo and Boo. ADI stepped in to rescue the monkeys, and they now live together at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in England, where Betty mostly spends her days whizzing along tree branches!

Adopt Betty US $ | Adopt Betty UK £


Just like Betty and Baloo, Boo was scheduled to die once deemed no longer useful for neurology experiments at a major European animal research laboratory. ADI stepped in to save their lives, and today, they live life to the fullest at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. Boo is excellent at foraging for natural treats!

Adopt Boo US $ | Adopt Boo UK £


Baloo spent his life in a major European research laboratory, used in neurology experiments. Once deemed no longer useful, he was scheduled to die, but ADI stepped in to rescue him, Boo and Betty. Today, Baloo spends his days looking out across the lake at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, alerting the girls to any new sightings!

Adopt Baloo US $ | Adopt Baloo UK £


Torn from his mother as a baby, Tilin spent the next 17 years of his life with the circus, chained by the neck, held in a small box. Once the ban was passed in Bolivia, ADI were able to rescue him. We flew Tilin to Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in England and introduced him to his now beloved companion Tina - his life has been truly transformed!

Adopt Tilin US $ | Adopt Tilin UK £


Born in a captive breeding farm in Israel and exported to Cyprus for the pet market, Tina was taken in by a donkey sanctuary when her owner could no longer handle her. ADI offered Tina a forever home at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, introducing her to Tilin, and the pair are now inseparable!

Adopt Tina US $ | Adopt Tina UK £

Can’t decide who you want to adopt?

Help care for our other rescued animals! ADI has rescued hundreds of animals. Having suffered lives of abuse, many cannot be released back into the wild, but we’re funding their ongoing care, safe in sanctuary facilities all over the world. Right now, we have 75+ animals in our care!

By becoming an ADI Rescuer, you can support our front line work against animal suffering and help us care for the animals we’ve rescued. Become an ADI Rescuer today »