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Happy Fatherís Day for our rescued Dads

Posted: 18 June 2017. Updated: 18 June 2017

This Fatherís Day we hope will be an enjoyable time spent with family. It will be for king of the pride, Leo, who will be in the African bush with daughters Africa and Kiara and mate Muneca. A family once torn apart by the circus but reunited after two raids on circuses in Peru some nine months apart.

Who can forget those incredible scenes as daughter Africa willed her father Leo on as he struggled to his feet, groggy with anaesthesia after dental surgery, reaching for him when he stumbled. Now the pride are together forever. Watch our video of Leo and Africa here

It took riot police and SWAT teams and two dramatic raids on the same circus by ADI to reunite another of our prides: Rey, Kiara, Smith, Amazonas, Scarc, and Mahla.

Back then, Scarc and Mahla were just cubs, now Scarc is a handsome lion, his mane getting more and more spectacular, but Rey is still the Daddy. The family gathers around Rey, he leads the way and they know he will defend them. Watch our video of the family here

ADI does not allow our animals to breed, but Pepe is head of our energetic troupe of spider monkeys.

Cut from his circus chains by ADI, he had been alone for eight years in a circus that snapped off his teeth. We re-introduced him to his own kind and today he has a family of seven spider monkeys living in our facilities amongst the rainforest trees. Watch our video of their relocation here

The greatest gift we can give these animals we rescue is their own kind, their families back, and a life as close to the one that nature intended. A Fatherís Day gift will help us care for these animals. Donate here

But as we celebrate the lives we have saved and the families we have reunited, this Fatherís Day, we continue to reel from the horrific attack on Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary by poachers that took the lives of dear Josť and Liso,≠ members of ours and your ADI family. A special appeal has been set up by the Greater Good website to help ADI find those responsible for this despicable crime and ramp up security to protect our lion families. ​You can donate to this special appeal here≠≠≠.

Thank you for helping to keep them safe

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