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ADI wildlife sanctuary fundraising appeal

Posted: 29 March 2018. Updated: 22 May 2018


Please donate now to help us build our sanctuary for rescued circus animals.

ADI has rescued hundreds of animals from circuses all over the world. We have emptied entire countries of circus animals. Once we have secured laws to end circus suffering, ADI steps in to rescue the animals and give them a new life free from suffering, as close to their natural habitat as possible. And we need your support to help make this happen.

Every week, ADI receives calls from around the world – governments, animal protection groups and the public – asking for help with animals in desperate need. With your support, we can save many more animals. Can you help us get closer to a world free of this suffering?

ADI has funded animals in sanctuaries all over the world, now, we need to do more. We need a safe haven for animals who have suffered lifelong pain, fear and distress. We are building our own wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, a location ideal for species such as the African lion, commonly found in circuses. In Africa, we can give them more space than elsewhere, and the climate is also good for other animals who can’t be sent back to their homeland – all in urgent need of a home.


Please donate today to help us raise the $620,000 / £450,000 needed to purchase the land and build our wildlife sanctuary.

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The new ADI Wildlife Sanctuary will:

  • Provide animals with a safe, secure home including state of the art security, for years to come, in their natural habitat

  • Offer strategic support to governments, facilitating rescues that shut down entire cruel industries

  • Support effective enforcement of animal protection laws worldwide

  • Provide somewhere rescued animals can live in peace and dignity, treated with love and respect

  • Give abused animals a life as close as possible to what nature intended

  • Encourage individuals and communities to take action by showing we can change the world for abused animals

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