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A new addition to Toto


A tiny chimp named Fred Sims, rescued from an illegal pet dealer, has joined Toto’s developing family at Chimfunshi. After his rescue from the circus Toto made an amazing journey from Chile to Zambia, where for the first time in over 20 years, he embraced another chimp, Madonna.

Toto and 5-year old Madonna have become great pals, playing and getting up to mischief. Recently, Sheila Siddle, who runs Chimfunshi, decided to allow Fred, a baby chimp who has made friends with Madonna, to start visiting Toto. The moving first visit was shown in the South African 50/50 TV programme “Chile to Chimfunshi” about ADI and Chimfunshi on South African television. Toto slowly approached and stroked the infant. Later, our gentle giant Toto quickly gathered up Sims in his arms to protect him, when he heard noises of an upset in another enclosure.

Next Toto, Madonna and Sims will be placed in an enclosure alongside the group they will be joining. They will interact through the fence before meeting properly. Eventually this new group, all rescued chimps, will be living in one of the huge Chimfunshi enclosures (see below). The rehabilitation is a slow and meticulous process and we will be keeping you up to date with progress.

In April ADI made a donation to Chimfunshi towards Toto’s care. We would like to send more. Please send a donation for Toto and help us to save more animals.

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