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Meet the ADI Animal Family

The animals that ADI has rescued from terrible suffering and we now care for. These animals have endured years of physical abuse and severe confinement. But with your help we are rebuilding their lives and many will enjoy decades of freedom. ADI is currently caring for almost forty animals – including over 30 lions – and we have rehomed, rehabilitated, and even returned to the wild many more.


It’s easy to help us care for the ADI rescued animals

An adoption is a great way of contributing towards their care and helping save more animals.

You can adopt individual animals, loving couples, even entire prides of lions!


Adopt an animal for as little as $3 or £2 per month

Prices are for a year’s adoption and start from as little as $3 or £2 per month. You will receive a certificate, our magazine twice a year, an adoption newsletter three times a year, and a rescue DVD or a framed 5” x 7” photograph of your adopted animal.

Meet and adopt our big cats

We have rescued big cats from circuses across the world and taken them to safety in ADI funded sanctuaries.

Meet and adopt our primates

We have rescued primates from isolation, abuse and suffering in circuses and laboratories and given them safety with companions of their own kind.

Meet and adopt our horses

Our first rescued horse, Tim, was due to be dinner for the lions. Now he lives on a Bolivian ranch where he has met another horse Rosita.

If you live in the UK and would like to pay for your adoption monthly by Direct Debit click here to download an Adoption DD form.

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