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The perfect gift for Motherís Day

Posted: 25 April 2013. Updated: 1 April 2014


Adopt one of our wonderful rescued moms

Morena and Kiara are two beautiful, caring and attentive mothers saved by ADI from terrible suffering in the circus. Both wonderful mothers to their own precious pride, these adorable family matriarchs make a unique Motherís Day gift.

With our special ďMotherís PrideĒ adoption package, you can adopt one of our rescued moms for just $30 / £20.

Youíll receive:

  • A special ďMotherís DayĒ card
  • An adoption certificate
  • A rescue DVD*
  • Our exclusive adoption newsletter (three times a year)
  • Regular updates about your adopted mother and our activities
  • Our Animal Defender magazine (twice a year)



Morena is the first lady of the largest pride of lions rescued as part of our Operation Lion Ark rescue mission in Bolivia and is the doting and attentive mother to Campeon, Bam Bam, Rosa, Rosita, Rosario and Marta. We found Morena and her family in a desperate state of neglect, crammed into a cage no larger than two double beds.

Following her dramatic rescue by ADI, Morena and her family are now thriving in their 20 acre habitat in the US and watching Morena relaxed and playing with her pride is just a joy. Since being released into the great outdoors, Morena likes to spend her time lazing near the underground dens, keeping an ever watchful eye on her unruly youngsters.

Adopt Morena
US $30 / UK £20



Quiet and gentle Kiara is the mother of our three cubs, Bob, Nancy and Percy, and lionesses Panchula and Fida. As a cub, Kiara was put in a cage the size of a cupboard where she remained, never to be let out. Her whole world was a tiny tin box - until ADI rescued and reunited Kiara with her family pride.

As Kiara and her precious little cubs were reunited with dad Hercules and the rest of their family, there was not a dry eye among the rescue team. Once a fragmented family, the pride can now enjoy their newfound freedom together and they love to run and play in the open grasslands. Kiaraís life has changed immeasurably since we found her and under her guidance, her family has blossomed .

Adopt Kiara
US $30 / UK £20

Our adoption program is vital to our animal rescues and the animals in our care. With this special adoption package you can give the gift of love and save a life.

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