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Posted: 5 July 2012. Updated: 21 July 2014


ADI currently has 31 lions in our care living in facilities in Colorado, California and South Africa. Sadly, the last of our four tigers, Tarzan, passed away in 2009.

When Bolivia banned animal circuses following an ADI campaign, we also stepped up to save the animals. One animal circus handed over its animals to ADI the rest defied the law. In Operation Lion Ark ADI tracked down every circus in Bolivia and with the authorities rescued every animal – flying 25 lions to the USA in a stunning airlift.

Hercules’ pride

Our cubs Bob, Nancy and Percy were the last animals to perform in a circus in Bolivia. They have over 20 years of freedom ahead of them in our care, reunited with their family.

Adopt Hercules $36
Adopt Hercules £24

Adopt Kiara $36
Adopt Kiara £24

Adopt Panchula $36
Adopt Panchula £24

Adopt Fida $36
Adopt Fida £24

Adopt Bob $36
Adopt Bob £24

Adopt Percy $36
Adopt Percy £24

Adopt Nancy $36
Adopt Nancy £24

Adopt the cubs Bob, Percy and Nancy $60
Adopt the cubs Bob, Percy and Nancy £36

Adopt Hercules’ pride $102
Adopt Hercules’ pride £60

Caesar and Sarah

Our loving lions: ADI saved Sarah and Caesar from a circus in Portugal where they were kept in a tiny cage on the back of a truck. They adore each other and roam a natural bush enclosure in South Africa together.

Adopt Caesar $36
Adopt Caesar £24

Adopt Sarah $36
Adopt Sarah £24

Adopt both Caesar and Sarah $48
Adopt both Caesar and Sarah £30

Bam Bam’s pride

A horrific sight greeted our rescue team in Bolivia: 8 lions in a stinking cage no bigger than two double beds and one, little Campeon was sick and dying. Now this magnificent pride roams our 25 acre enclosure.

Adopt Bam Bam $36
Adopt Bam Bam £24

Adopt Morena $36
Adopt Morena £24

Adopt Campeon $36
Adopt Campeon £24

Adopt Rosa $36
Adopt Rosa £24

Adopt Rosita $36
Adopt Rosita £24

Adopt Rosario $36
Adopt Rosario £24

Adopt Marta $36
Adopt Marta £24

Adopt Bam Bam’s pride $102
Adopt Bam Bam’s pride £60

Colo Colo’s pride

Once, the angriest lions we rescued from a Bolivian circus during Operation Lion Ark - now free from pain and torment and at peace in their huge habitat.

Adopt Colo Colo $36
Adopt Colo Colo £24

Adopt Muñeca $36
Adopt Muñeca £24

Adopt Lulu $36
Adopt Lulu £24

Adopt Colo Colo’s pride $60
Adopt Colo Colo’s pride £36

Kenya’s pride

As a cub, Kenya was locked into a cage little bigger than a cupboard. Today she leads a pride of five lions – rescued by ADI from three different circuses – in over 20 acres.

Adopt Pancho $36
Adopt Pancho £24

Adopt Temuco $36
Adopt Temuco £24

Adopt Chitara $36
Adopt Chitara £24

Adopt Kenya $36
Adopt Kenya £24

Adopt Dalila $36
Adopt Dalila £24

Adopt Kenya’s pride $78
Adopt Kenya’s pride £48

Kimba and India

Kimba had been alone for a decade and India had never seen another lion. Now they’re safe in our care.

Adopt Kimba $36
Adopt Kimba £24

Adopt India $36
Adopt India £24

Bambek and Camba

When Bolivia banned animal circuses, just one animal circus complied with the law and handed over their animals, these lions and Tilin the baboon. Our pioneering relocation of these animals to California set the stage for Operation Lion Ark and the rescue of all remaining circus animals in Bolivia.

Adopt Bambek $36
Adopt Bambek £24

Adopt Camba $36
Adopt Camba £24

If you live in the UK and would like to pay for your adoption monthly by Direct Debit click here to download an Adoption DD form.

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