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Animals in entertainment

Animal Defenders International’s undercover investigations go behind the scenes, exposing the abuses wherever animals are forced to perform, including movies, circuses, advertisements, special events and rides. In fact, many of the companies provide animals across this spectrum of entertainment. For example, in Perris, California, ADI captured on video the trainers and owners of Have Trunk Will Travel violently beating and electric shocking their elephants in training sessions and routine husbandry.

These elephants including Tai and Rosie, the famed movie stars of ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Zookeeper’, are also hired out for weddings, elephant rides at county fairs, TV ads and perform tricks in the circus. You can help ADI shine a spotlight on and end the abuse of animals in entertainment. ADI liaises with studios, TV producers, the advertising industry and advertisers to explain the behind the scenes suffering of these animals and asks their support in the drive to end the suffering. Find out about how you can help, below.

ADI mission to save circus animals in Guatemala

ADI mission to save circus animals in GuatemalaADI is working with the authorities in Guatemala to enforce a new law banning the use of animals in circuses.
Help us get the animals, and care for them

Cruel festival exposed in Ayacucho, Peru.

Cruel festival exposed in Ayacucho, Peru.Over the Easter holiday weekend, young bulls and cows were dragged from a truck and tormented by a screaming, shouting drunken mob.
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Help end bullfighting in Colombia!

Help end bullfighting in Colombia!ADI and fellow animal protection groups in Colombia are calling on the government to ban bullfighting.
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Wales to ban wild animals in circuses!

Wales to ban wild animals in circuses!UK wide legislation to stop circus suffering now one step closer.
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No Fun For Elephants

No Fun For ElephantsADIís new DVD \"No Fun For Elephants,\" narrated by Bob Barker, part of our national initiative to end elephants rides & displays in the U.S.
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Anne the elephant

Anne the elephantRead more about our investigation of Anne the elephant, the trial of her previous owners Bobby and Moira Roberts, and ADI\'s UK circus campaign.
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Animals in Movies & Video

Animals in Movies & VideoOur campaign to end the abuse and deprivation of performing animals used in movies and video.

Animals in Advertising & TV

Animals in Advertising & TVHelp us highlight the suffering of performing animals used in advertising and TV.

Stop Circus Suffering

Stop Circus SufferingOur global campaign to end the suffering of animals in circuses. In the US, our campaign is called 'Break the Chain'.
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Animals used for events & rides

Animals used for events & ridesOur campaign to end elephant rides and the use of animals in theatre, art and outdoor performances.

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