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What are bloodsports?

A blood sport is the name given to practices such as hunting, fishing, hare coursing, badger baiting and animal fights (cockfighting, dog fighting, etc.), which either cause bloodshed or result in the death of an animal(s) for ‘sport’. Some blood sports such as badger baiting, dog fighting and cock fighting, whilst illegal in Britain, still carry on in secret, whereas other blood sports such as hunting (without dogs) and fishing are perfectly legal and are accepted by many members of society.

Those who take part in blood sports excuse their actions on a variety of counts. However, of all the justifications for supporting and participating in blood sports, civil liberties may be the most difficult to digest. We as humans have no right to inflict cruelty upon each other and our treatment towards animals should be no different. Suffering is suffering and killing an animal for sport is deliberate cruelty at its worst.

Show your disgust for these cruel and exploitative practices do not attend or participate in any sport that involves animals and if you hear of any illegal bloodsports taking place in your area, call the police or a local animal welfare organisation.

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