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Posted: 6 May 2008

We want to say “thank you” to all the campaigners of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru who have joined forces to help drive this campaign forward. Animal protection groups in four countries have united to help stop circus suffering.?Special thanks to Anibal Vallejo and Nora Vallejo, who have kept Karla in the public eye, to Manuel Lancheros, who is helping to coordinate the Colombian campaign, and to Marco Ardila, who is working on the protection law for animals in Colombia. Jenny Mishty, Malenic Tenorio and Rocio Peñafiel have been responsible for the amazing campaign in Peru, and Lorena de Sanchez and Tasquin Meza have put Stop Circus Suffering on the map in Ecuador. Martin Beltran has been representing ADI in Bolivia and fought hard for the Cochabamba ban. Liliana Tellez and Enrique Mendizabal have been vital to the campaign in Bolivia. Of course, special thanks goes to our original campaign partners, Mentes Verdes Foundation Colombia, ADDA Bolivia, EBA Bolivia, PAE Ecuador and APDA Peru, with whom we launched these campaigns. And let’s not forget where all of this started, with the ADI Field Officers quietly gathering the evidence.

Our sincere thanks to the Persula Foundation for supporting these launches and this important campaign.

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