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Stop Circus Suffering Ecuador

Posted: 6 May 2008. Updated: 17 April 2015

Ecuador bans wild animal acts

When we first placed our team of field officers deep inside the South American circus industry in 2005 for two years, we could never have dared imagine that our findings would send such a shock wave across the entire continent. Read our article from the Spring 2012 Animal Defender magazine here.

ADI Scientific evidence condemns animal circuses

The new ADI report reviews the scientific evidence on the effects of transport and captivity on animals that confirms their welfare is compromised – and this is the case for both domesticated and non-domesticated species. Disturbing new photographs of animals in South American circuses are included.
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Ecuador: lions seized

Brutal footage was obtained during ADI’s undercover investigations in Ecuador – a thug beating dogs with a metal bar; Indiano the lion living in a tiny cage, being kicked; goats and a bull being whipped; a donkey being kicked. The footage was unveiled at a press conference in Quito with our campaign partners, Proteccion Animal Ecuador (PAE).
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Indiano, the saddest lion in the world

Indiano’s sad story is one being told today with the launch of a new Stop Circus Suffering campaign and report by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and Ecuador’s Proteccion Animal (PAE). ADI have described the findings of an investigation of circuses in Ecuador as “Some of the worst violence, confinement and deprivation of animals we have ever seen."
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Inside Ecuador’s circuses – Photo Gallery

Photographs taken by ADI Field Officers inside traveling circuses in Ecuador.
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Inside the South American circus industry

Shocking cruelty uncovered by ADI Field Officers working undercover inside circuses in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru including: A llama repeatedly whipped (Circus Africa de Fieras); a chimpanzee, called Panchito, beaten by his trainer – the frightened animal screams throughout the attacks. (Circo Hermanos Gasca); Stones thrown at a monkey by a worker (Circo Hermanos Gasca); Ponies hit repeatedly during training sessions (Circo Africa de fieras); A chimpanzee called Karla, punched in the face and beaten with a chain (Circus Africa de Fieras).
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