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Posted: 6 May 2008. Updated: 10 October 2013


ADI campaigner receives distinction from Bar Association in Peru

On September 19th, 2013 Eduardo Peña, our campaign coordinator for Latin America, gave a presentation on the use of legislation in protecting animals following which he was awarded with a certificate of recognition for his work at ADI by the Bar Association in Lima. The presentation featured examples of ADI’s successful campaigns in Latin America, including the recent victory in Colombia where a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses was won.

Draft Bill on Animal Protection and Welfare in Peru

On September 18th, 2013 at the request of Congressman José Urquizo, ADI participated in a series of workshops to discuss a Bill on Animal Protection and Welfare. This important initiative – which was broadcast live on the Congress channel – and the consideration of contributions by animal protection groups including Amazon Shelter, UPA, BYDA, Perú Antitaurino and Huaw, as well as ADI, is to be applauded.

Delay in implementation in circus ban in Peru

ADI continues to press for swift implementation of Peru’s ban on the use of wild animals in circuses but unfortunately a series of unrelated issues has led to its delay. Read more...

Broken but not beaten – despite brutal attack ADI continues fight to free Peru’s wild animals

This week an ADI field officer in Peru was left with a broken leg and smashed cell phone after being attacked by circus workers. It is the third and most serious incident in South America this year. Read more...

Help ADI get the animals out of the circuses

Since we launched our investigation of animal circuses in South America in 2007, bans have been secured in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and now Colombia. With your help we are ending the suffering. But now we face our greatest challenge – we must ensure the new law is enforced in Peru and Colombia. Read more...

ADI pushes for no further delays to Peru circus ban

Almost two years after the law to ban wild animals in circuses in Peru was passed, ADI is hugely disappointed that it has still to take effect. Read more... (Spanish)

An end to the use of wild animals in circuses in Peru

In July, President Alan Garcia signed into law an end to the use of wild animals in circuses, following an intense four-year campaign involving investigation evidence, scientific reports, videos, petitions, exhibitions and media work. The proposals were tabled several times and were knocked back for a variety of reasons, but persistence paid off when the bill was attached as an article to the Forestry and Wildlife Bill. We are now working with the Ministry of Agriculture on draft regulations to implement the ban, and arrangements for an animal census.
Read more here

Peruvian Congress to ban the use of animals in circuses

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is thrilled that a law banning the use of animals in circuses is within reach in Peru. Read more... In Spanish

Peruvian Municipality to consider ban on animals in circuses

ADI has been lobbying officials at the Municipality of Huancayo in Peru, asking them to approve an ordinance banning the use of animals in circuses (wild and domestic). Read more

Festival in the Park for the protection of circus animals in Peru

ADI and animal protection organisations in Peru invite the population of Lima to Festival in the Park. Read more Spanish

ADI clarifies situation regarding the prohibition of the use of animals in circuses

Speculation on the bill which would prohibit the use of wild and domestic animals in circuses (Nº. 1917 and 2382). Read more Spanish

Video: Unnatural Acts

A new video documentary from Animal Defenders International (ADI) “Unnatural Acts. Stopping the suffering in circuses in Peru,"has been screened in the Congress calling for support for an amendment to the Animal Protection Law number 27265 to ban animal circuses.

ADI at the “Lima is not speechless” cultural festival

On March 26 to 28, ADI took part of the II festival “Lima is not speechless” in the municipality of Pueblo Libre in Peru. The aim of the festival was to promote cultural activities and generate awareness of environmental issues in the country and worldwide.
Read more... In Spanish

ADI launches public petition in Peru

In order to drive the bill to ban animals in circuses to a successful end, ADI launched a public petition requesting the Spokesperson Board to table the bill in the agenda of the Plenary of the Congress.

Following protests in Peru, Las Vegas Lion and tiger act now blocked from appearing in Bolivia

Cochabamba – Bolivian entrepreneur Marco Montenegro, one of the organizers of the Fercos Brothers Show tour, has announced that the Las Vegas based magic show will be prevented from using any of its wild animals during performances in Bolivia. This is due to municipal bans on animal circuses in various cities across Bolivia. ADI applauds decision to uphold circus animal prohibitions, as magic show proceeds with human only performers. Find out more...

Bill to ban animal circuses launched in Peruvian Congress

A year after launching a devastating exposé of the treatment of animals in circuses in South America, Animal Defenders International (ADI) stands on the brink of securing legislation to end this shocking abuse in Peru. At Congress on Tuesday 6th May, new legislation to end the suffering of animals in circuses in Peru will be unveiled by Congressman Mr. José Antonio Urquizo Maggia of the Nationalist Party and Congressman Mr. Alejandro Arturo Rebaza Martell of the Peruvian APRISTA Party.
Find out more...

ADI Scientific evidence condemns animal circuses

The new ADI report launched at the Congress in Lima reviews the scientific evidence on the effects of transport and captivity on animals that confirms their welfare is compromised – and this is the case for both domesticated and non-domesticated species. Disturbing new photographs of animals in South American circuses are included.
Download the report...

ADI Stop Circus Suffering Campaign launched in Peru

Shocking video footage from inside animal circuses in Peru and other South America countries will be unveiled in Lima. A new report and video are based on the findings of a two and half year investigation by Animal Defenders International (ADI) of the treatment of animals in South American circuses.
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Inside Peru’s circuses – Photo Gallery

Photographs taken by ADI Field Officers inside traveling circuses in Peru.

Inside the South American circus industry

Shocking cruelty uncovered by ADI Field Officers working undercover inside circuses in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru including: A llama repeatedly whipped (Circus Africa de Fieras); a chimpanzee, called Panchito, beaten by his trainer – the frightened animal screams throughout the attacks. (Circo Hermanos Gasca); Stones thrown at a monkey by a worker (Circo Hermanos Gasca); Ponies hit repeatedly during training sessions (Circo Africa de fieras); A chimpanzee called Karla, punched in the face and beaten with a chain (Circus Africa de Fieras).
Find out more...

Bans in Lima and draft national legislation tabled

The campaign in Peru has been spearheaded by ADI sudamérica Campaigns Coordinator Juan Pablo Olmos and Jenny Mishty of Acción Por Derechos de los Animales (APDA), and now has the backing of the Peruvian animal protection groups Animazul, Grupo Caridad, Quimiranka, Animanaturalis and Unidos por los Animales UPA. Extensive television and other media coverage has been secured leading to bans in Lima municipalities and national legislation to ban animal circuses being tabled.
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