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Stop Circus Suffering Suramérica

Posted: 6 May 2008. Updated: 13 June 2013


Our Stop Circus Suffering campaign is underpinned by hard-hitting undercover investigations deep inside the circus industry, and with the evidence secured by our field officers we produce reports and videos, which are used to effectively undertake public and political awareness initiatives.

This approach has secured success and freedom for circus animals in the region with Bolivia becoming the first country in the world to ban all animal circus acts in 2009, leading to the seizure and rescue of animals from eight circuses across the country by ADI.

Following Bolivia’s lead, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia have introduced bans on wild animals in circuses and similar bans are currently under discussion in Brazil and Chile.

  • Read about ADI’s successful campaign to ban all animals in circuses in Bolivia, and wild animals in circuses in Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia here
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Thank you

Our special thanks to the Persula Foundation whose vital support has made key areas of our work in South America possible including launches in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Most recently, the support of the Persula Foundation has made an essential contribution to our investigations in Brazil and production of various campaigns materials there.

ADI Scientific evidence condemns animal circuses

The new ADI report reviews the scientific evidence on the effects of transport and captivity on animals that confirms their welfare is compromised – and this is the case for both domesticated and non-domesticated species. Disturbing new photographs of animals in South American circuses are included.
Download the report...

Thank you

We want to say “thank you” to all the campaigners of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru who have joined forces to help drive this campaign forward. Animal protection groups in four countries have united to help stop circus suffering. Read more In Spanish

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