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Beaten and kicked in the face – shocking reality of animals in U.S. circuses.

Posted: 7 July 2008. Updated: 9 August 2012


San Francisco press screening of new undercover exposé and publication of scientific report

To announce a new campaign to end the use of animals in circuses, Animal Defenders International (ADI) screened exclusive and shocking footage from inside U.S. circuses at The Serrano Hotel. Nine of America’s most renowned animal circuses feature in a scientific report being launched alongside the disturbing new DVD screening.

The new DVD is a savage indictment of America’s animal circuses and includes:

  • An elephant dragged to her knees and kicked in the face.

  • Electric shocks being given to elephants during training sessions, and also shocks to their stomachs when they were walking to the ring to perform.

  • An elephant hit with a golf club.

  • A tiger cub smashed in the face and told to “behave”

  • Elephants chained by the legs barely able to move, tigers living in cages on the backs of lorries, horses and ponies tied on short ropes, monkeys in tiny cages.

Local rapper, Remo Conscious provided the voice over for the harrowing new film and will be speaking at the campaign launch. Click here to read the ADI interview with Remo Conscious

Other high profile supporters include CSI actress Jorja Fox, who will be joining an ADI promotional tour this week, Alicia Silverstone, Kirsty McNicholl, Anna Maria Horsford, and Dan Piraro. Click here for more celebrity details. Click here to find out about Jorja’s appearance in Austin, Texas.

Importantly, this graphic DVD is accompanied by a scientific report confirming that these animals do suffer terribly. The ADI report reviews published scientific literature and examines conditions inside nine U.S. circuses revealing how animal welfare and even basic public safety are compromised in the traveling circus.

The report and DVD were delivered to Mayor Newsom with a call for San Francisco to take a stand to stop the cruelty. Governor Schwarzenegger received the DVD and report and was asked to bring state-wide attention to the issue.

ADI also used the spectacular Spanish architecture of the Sorreno Hotel in San Francisco to launch a major outreach campaign to California’s Latin communities with Spanish versions of the DVD and campaign materials. Having achieved considerable success in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, and with an office in Bogota, ADI believes Latin communities represent a reservoir of compassionate supporters for animal causes who have not yet been mobilised. The Latin American communities are targeted by circuses and have not yet had the opportunity to find out the truth behind the circus shows.

ADI U.S. President, Jan Creamer said: “The abuse captured by the field officers in our expose is truly shocking. In addition to the violence we have uncovered, it is time for the public and community leaders to accept that even with the best will in the world, it is not possible for circuses to adequately care for animals when they are living in temporary accommodation and moving location every week. Anyone considering going to a circus that features animals to simply watch our DVD first, then decide for themselves if this treatment of animal in the name of entertainment is acceptable."

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