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Stop Circus Suffering in the US

Posted: 14 July 2008. Updated: 25 June 2019


How you can help animals in US circuses:

ADI’s “Stop Circus Suffering, USA” Video

Latest News

New York bill to ban wild animal circuses runs out of time

The bill to ban wild animal circus acts throughout New York, S5408, passed the Senate on June 11 but companion bill A3673 was not heard in the Assembly before the end of session. ADI hopes the bills will be reintroduced in early 2020.

Cincinnati bans exotic animal circuses

On May 30, 2019, Cincinnati City Council voted 7-1 to ban exotic animals from circuses. The ordinance was introduced by Councilmember Chris Sellback.

The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA)

On May 21, 2019, Reps Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and David Schweikert (R-AZ) reintroduced the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA; HR 2863), which will see an end to the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows in the US. Find out more and take action

California introduces new bill to ban wild animal acts

Sponsored by Senator Hueso, and introduced in February 2019, the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act (SB313) seeks to ban traveling wild animal acts statewide. The bill passed the Senate (34-0) on May 20, 2019, and is now in the Assembly, where it will be heard in the Judiciary Committee on June 25. More here.

Massachusetts introduces bills to ban wild animal circuses

Two bills to ban wild animals in traveling circuses statewide in Massachusetts - principally elephants, big cats, primates, and bears - have been introduced. More details here.

Connecticut considers wild animal circus ban

Connecticut is the latest state to put forward proposals to end traveling wild animal acts. Two bills have been introduced by Representatives Stallworth (HB5024), Michel, and Elliott (HB5248). More details here.

Ferndale, Michigan, outlaws the use of wild/exotic animals in displays and performances

The city is the first in the state to pass such a ban. Read more here.

Hawaii became the second US state to ban wild animal circus acts!

On December 21, 2018, Governor David Ige signed into law rule amendments to ban the import of elephants, tigers, bears, and other “dangerous” wild animals for circus and carnival performances and exhibitions. Read more here.

Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT), whose elephant abuse was exposed by ADI, sets up ‘The Preserve’ in Texas

Despite the change in name and location, ADI warns that it is business as usual, with HTWT’s long-suffering elephants still forced to perform. Further details here.

New Jersey makes history by becoming the first US state to pass legislation banning the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses

Championed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), Nosey’s Law was signed by Governor Murphy on December 14, 2018, having previously passed both the Assembly and Senate on October 29. Click here for further information.

PT Barnum’s adoptive town of Bridgeport, Connecticut, passes wild animal circus ban!

Animal Defenders International (ADI) applauds the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, whose City Council unanimously voted to ban wild and exotic animal circus acts on November 5, 2018. More here.

Celebration as wild animal circus ban in Scotland comes into force

On May 28, 2018, Scotland became the first UK nation to enact legislation banning the use of wild animals in circuses. Celebrating the popular measure, Animal Defenders International (ADI) renewed its call to other UK nations to follow their lead and stop circus suffering in Great Britain. Full details here.

ADI unites with politicians and celebs to Stop Circus Suffering in the US!

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has teamed up with politicians and celebrities to launch H.R. 1759, the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA), a bill that will end the suffering of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows in the US. Read more...

US Bill to ban wild animals in circuses introduced!

On May 21, 2019, Reps David Schweikert (R-AZ) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) in Congress, which will see an end to the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows in the US. Read more...

Unanimous Votes in Idaho Progress TWO Bans on Use of Wild Animals in Circuses!

ADI applauds the Ketchum City Council and Blaine County Commissioners for unanimously voting this week to progress separate bans on wild animals in circuses in their communities. Read more...

Danger of wild animal circus acts highlighted by damage caused by escaped elephants

The escape of three circus elephants from the Moolah Shrine Circus in St. Charles, Missouri, in March 2014 demonstrates the terrible risks to which circuses with wild animals subject the public, staff and the animals. Read more...

Stop Circus Suffering U.S. – Winter 2013-2014 Update

The latest news and updates on the U.S. Stop Circus Suffering campaign. Read more...

LA City fails to save animals from circuses

On October 23, 2013, LA City failed to save animals from circuses. Instead of a ban on elephants, they decided to ban bullhooks and other tools/weapons – but in three years time! Read more...

Ringling Bros and African Lion Safari
elephant semen import application

Feld Entertainment Inc (FEI), the parent company of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, submitted an application to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to export Asian elephant semen, collected at Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation. The aim is to facilitate the artificial insemination (AI) of female Asian elephants at an establishment called the “African Lion Safari” (ALS) in Canada. Read more...

West Hollywood prohibits wild animal acts

Victory! On September 16, 2013, the City of West Hollywood unanimously voted to ban the commercial display and performance of wild and exotic animals. Read more...

Unbearable – Hell on wheels for bears touring the U.S.

For up to an hour a day, they are dressed up in clothes, have muzzles strapped around their mouths and are made to dance and perform demeaning tricks – around 90% of their time is spent caged in tiny cells in a prison truck. This is life for a group of bears, owned and trained by Texas-based James and Tepa Hall, currently touring the U.S. Read more...

ADI Launches Stop Circus Suffering Billboard Campaign in Bakersfield, CA

ADI and Local ADI Representative Stephanie Esla will be running five billboards at various Bakersfield, CA locations throughout the month of August, 2013. Read more…

Winter 2012/2013 Break the Chain of Circus Suffering Update

Status updates on the LA City Ban and other Break the Chain news throughout the US. Read more...

LA City Council considering elephant circus ban

The Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee of the Council have decided to move forward to a full Council vote on a prohibition on the use of elephants in circuses. Read more...

ADI Goes Wild in Los Angeles!

The ADI team has been staging some attention grabbing street theater outside LA City Hall to draw attention to animal suffering in traveling circuses. Read more...

The American highway is no place for elephants

Accident in Mississippi increases calls from ADI for an end to the use of wild animals in traveling circuses. Read more...

PETA and ADI filed lawsuit over circus animal export permits

PETA and ADI have filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Los Angeles against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The suit alleges that FWS illegally issued permits to Feld Entertainment, Inc., parent company of Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus, to export nine endangered Asian elephants and 17 endangered tigers, including to Mexico, where the animals—some of them ailing—are now being forced to perform. Read more...

ADI educates LA City Council as hundreds protest Ringling Bros Circus

Hundreds of activists joined ADI at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to protest Ringling Bros Circus on opening night. Read more…

Petition to Los Angeles City Council on Wild Animals in Circuses

ADI urge Angelenos to sign new petition calling on Los Angeles City Council Members to restrict the use of wild animals (exotics and non-domestics) in traveling circuses.
View and sign the petition here

Special Appeal from ADI Ambassador Jorja Fox

Actress Jorja Fox releases new video message about circus animal abuse and writes a special letter to ADI supporters. Read more…

Summit for the Elephants 2012

Organized by the Performing Animal Welfare Society and Oakland Zoo, a biannual opportunity for those working to protect elephants to come together. Read more...

Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act launched in Congress

On 2nd November 2011, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act was launched in Congress, the culmination of eighteen months of painstaking drafting and preparation. Find out more...

ADI & Deputies call on Congress to ban animal circuses

ADI and Deputies gather at the National Congress Palace to publicly condemn the continued use of animals in circuses, and call for a ban on the cruel practice once and for all, as part of international ‘Week for the Animals’. Read more…

ADI acts after sick circus elephant falls

ADI files USDA complaint after Sarah, a sick 54-year old elephant at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, falls down and collapses while attempting to climb up the ramp onto the train car after leaving the last performance in Anaheim, California. Read more…

How the Bolivian Ban on animal circuses was won

In June President Morales signed Law 4040 banning wild and domestic animals in travelling circuses throughout Bolivia. Here, we look back over ADI’s four year operation leading to this historic move.Read more…

Read more about our campaign in Bolivia, and the rescue and relocation of its circus animals here

Help Save Krissy & Boo

Beaten, chained, passed from one owner to the next: the sad lives of Boo and Krissy – the elephants the USDA left behind. Read more...

Circus elephant Benny stuck in Mexico

ADI’s Rescue Team is fighting to prevent Benny being returned to the circus, and to bring him to the PAWS sanctuary in the US. Please help bring Benny to safety. Read more...

Award for Leadership

The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has presented ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer and Campaigns Director Tim Phillips with The Rebecca Award “For their courage, commitment, and international leadership in exposing cruel training and travel practices of circuses through their documentation of the science of animal suffering.” Read more…

Summit for Elephants

Leading elephant experts and campaigners assembled for the Summit for Elephants which had a special emphasis on circus elephants. The setting for the three day conference was the Ark 2000 sanctuary of the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Read more here and here

There’s nothing magical about animal misery

As Fercos Brothers open in Las Vegas, backstage video from ADI reveals animals in tiny cages. Read more…

Watch our video here
View photos here

Suffering in US Circuses Exposed

An ADI investigation of the US circus industry has exposed confinement, deprivation, lax safety standards and cases of severe violence to animals. Exposed: sickening violence inflicted on two female elephants, Krissy and Boo, who were electric shocked during training sessions and when being moved to the ring to perform. Krissy was beaten, dragged to the ground and kicked in the face. Read more…

Stop Circus Suffering US launch

Launched in four major states, our Stop Circus Suffering campaign unveiled the findings of an exposé of the US circus industry. We were joined on the campaign trail by West Wing and CSI actress Jorja Fox, hip hop artist Remo Conscious, model Susie and actor Corey Feldman. Read more…

Read why Alicia Silverstone, Kristy McNicol, Anna Maria Horsford, Dan Piraro, Tana Frederick and Shelley Morrison are supporting our campaign to end animals in circuses here

Wild animal acts should have stayed in Roman times – campaign launch at Caesars Palace

To mark the Nevada launch of our Stop Circus Suffering US campaign, ADI held a press conference in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Footage from our shocking investigation includes: electric shocks being given to elephants during training sessions,an elephant hit with a golf club and an elephant dragged to her knees and kicked in the face. Read more… (Spanish)

View photos here

Corey and Susie Feldman back ADI Stop Circus Suffering campaign

Corey and Susie Feldman joined ADI USA President Jan Creamer live on the Geraldo Show to urge people to boycott animal circuses and alert people to the suffering of circus animals. Watch here…

Austin to investigate circus animal suffering

Councillor Leffingwell meets with CSI actress Jorja Fox at a press conference held by ADI at City Hall and confirms he will look into circus cruelty in Austin. Read more…

View photos from the press conference here

CSI actress Jorja Fox reveals shocking abuse of circus elephants

Actress Jorja Fox announces new ADI campaign to end the use of animals in circuses at a press conference in Austin. Shocking new footage of suffering in US circuses was screened; some of the most savage violence exposed was inflicted on two elephants with Bailey Brothers Circus touring Texas. Read more…

Watch footage collected by ADI Field Officers working undercover inside Bailey Brothers Circus here

Beaten and kicked in the face – shocking reality of animals in US circuses

ADI screens exclusive and shocking scenes from inside US circuses in San Francisco. Nine of America’s most renowned animal circuses feature in a scientific report being launched alongside the disturbing footage. Read more… (Spanish)

View photo gallery of launch here
Watch ABC 7 News coverage of San Francisco press preview here

Stop Circus Suffering USA DVD

Watch here…

Inside America’s Animal Circuses

View images from our investigation here
See also here

Stop Circus Suffering USA report

View as a pdf

Las Vegas Lion and tiger act blocked from appearing in Bolivia

Las Vegas based magic show Fercos Brothers prevented from using wild animals during performances in Bolivia due to municipal bans on animal circuses in various cities across Bolivia. Read more…

Help Stop US “Reality” Show about Ringling Brothers Circus!

Cable station Turner Network Television (TNT) has announced plans to produce a reality show titled “The Greatest Show On Earth” featuring known animal abusers Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Read more…

Interview with rapper Remo Conscious

Rapper Remo Conscious, celebrity supporter of our campaign to end animals in circuses, speaks to ADI. Read more…

ADI submits evidence to USDA in case against elephants in captivity

With evidence mounting of the difficulties of adequately caring for elephants in captivity ADI presents the USDA with a substantial dossier of scientific research highlighting that many captive elephants in the US are being held in conditions which seriously compromise their welfare. Read more…

Closure of Siegfried and Roy Show in Las Vegas

ADI comments that the closure of the Siegfried and Roy Show in Las Vegas is not just a consequence of the attack on Roy Horn by a white tiger, but a sign of the times. Read more…

9000 miles of misery

Chipperfield Enterprises employee, Tom Rider, blew the whistle on the abuse he witnessed in the circus and told of the deprivation and violence to three Chipperfield elephants as they travelled from the US and across Europe. Read more…

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